BandanaBoi, also known as Palash or Ash, is an eccentric creative. He is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist who is currently working in 3D and VR. Chaos and hatred around him made him realize that there is a need for love and compassion, and that's what his art seeks to accomplish with experimentation being the key value.

In this interview, Palash touches on the origin of "BandanaBoi," his journey into NFTs, and his thoughts on emerging behaviors in the Digital Fashion space.

Palash, BandanaBoi

Hey BandanaBoi! Can you introduce yourself and explain a bit more about your artwork as well as your association with team BlackCat?

Yes of course. My name is Palash I am a 26-year-old 3D visual artist from India. I go by the name Bandanaboi. I have been creating digital art for about 3-4 years but only a year ago I started my journey in 3D. My work is usually experimental. I currently don’t wanna stick to a specific style of art, but experiment my way into surrealism, cyberpunk, and sci-fi. I got discovered by Team Black cat earlier this year.  And have been a part of this ever-growing team of influential artists.

What is the story behind the name Thebandanaboi? How was it formed? What makes you different from other NFT artists?

As funny as it is. The name came to me while listening to “babushka boi" from Asap Rocky. I used to always wear bandanas and I figured if he can be babushka boi then I can be bandanaboi. My artistic style usually depends on the mood I was in on that day or week. The style usually revolves around surrealist or sci-fi environments. I’m currently experimenting with portraiture in 3D and VR creations.


How did you find your way into NFTs and crypto?

It was December 2020 when one of my friends made a sale on a platform. He was one of the first people on my Instagram who did. He was the one who guided me towards understanding and creating NFTs. And like everyone who started, I was very skeptical about it. But I researched my way into it and uploaded my first ever NFT on Rarible, which sold after 2 months.

From your perspective, what is digital fashion and why is it significant?

There are two versions of any human now, Physical and Digital. And it only makes sense to have a wardrobe for your digital self as well.

What are some of your observations about the emerging behaviors in the digital fashion NFT space and what do you see as next opportunities for this industry?

The Digital fashion space has been growing tremendously in the past year. And, as soon as the lockdown occurred I saw a lot of big fashion brands started adopting it and now all I could think of the next possible step would be augmented reality in digital fashion. The best way for people to try their outfits out before they even buy them. Or just have them stored as AR clothing to wear then on Live/VR Calls with colleagues.

Fxck Gxcci

Why did you choose “fxck gxcci” as your first digital fashion piece to mint on Portion and what was the inspiration behind this creative?

This piece was created when Gucci introduced their new collaborator North Face. I was really inspired by the design of the jacket and wanted to replicate it in an edgy artwork. That’s why the name came out to be "fxck gxcci."

Check out TheBandanaBoi's NFT Collection on Portion.


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