When growing a project over several years, it’s crucial that one remains mindful that patience and perseverance are often the determining factors for success.

The past several years of watering our project has started to lead to an organic blossoming of growth over the last several weeks, and it has only just begun.

We would like to announce that yet another new strategic partnership has been finalized with none other than Bitrue. Bitrue has mentioned us here, and the Portion team is excited to spread awareness of the platform and governance token across a wider range of potential artists and collectors amongst key foreign markets.

Bitrue is a Singapore-based company, and research shows that the arts have been growing while collectors are flourishing across Singapore and Asia.

Furthermore, more partnerships will be announced over the coming months, and Portion strongly believes that these connections will enable the platform to rapidly grow in adoption.

A campaign to onboard artists has started, and we have successfully tapped into our network to onboard dozens of new creators onto the platform. This effort will be ongoing even as we head into Q3 and Q4 of ’21. More often in this space teams place too great an emphasis on disruptive technologies and not enough emphasis on growing a community.

The Portion team is giving away millions of PRT to strategic partnerships for liquidity mining and yield farming. The intent of the Bitrue partnership is to spread the governance token in an egalitarian manner across a broader array of holders with a fair distribution.

Additionally, early investors from a few years ago will start to receive 1/12th of their locked tokens monthly, which will vest over the next year.

In one year, 100% of these tokens will have been unlocked, and the remaining tokens will be reserved for partnerships & liquidity mining.The team has reserved less than 10% of all tokens, and the rest will be used for physical and virtual galleries, onboarding reputable artists, and acquiring more physical works to auction on the platform.

As always,

Here’s to continued progress, step by step.

Portion Team

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