Spring is in the air here in New York City, and the Portion team has reflected on an incredibly abundant quarter full of new partnerships and success. From Portion’s acquisition of $1.2M worth of land in decentraland for the premier partnership with haute-couture juggernaut Philipp Plein, to the incredible expansion into the metaverse with Multi-billion dollar behemoth Publicis Sapient, Portion has begun to take the transformative steps to cement the company as a preeminent builder of value in the metaverse.

The Creation of the Farm

The Uniswap v2 contract will give rise to the new Portion Farm, where a portion of profits from the open marketplace will be distributed to holders in ETH. This is part of the core vision that the team has had since the early days, where this rise in utility will foster an even more holistic community of individuals supporting each other. Random airdrops, wearables, and other utilities will be eligible to those who are staking on the portion farm. The mission is to reward holders with cutting edge drops from the rapidly growing partnerships of Portion, as well as connecting the community with exclusive drops from our roster of established and emerging artists including Wiz Khalifa, TOHI, Stevie Williams, 2 Chainz, and others. Looking back at the exceptional collaborations and events Portion has produced in 2021, PRT holders will prosper in the upcoming years as new partnerships begin to unfold and as new developments are revealed. In addition, there will be PRT, SFI (Saffron.finance) and ETH rewards from supporters who are providing liquidity in the pool.

Furthermore, the Uniswap v3 pool provides another method for liquidity provision, which is the contribution of single-sided liquidity staking.

We like to envision this as a virtual bauble dispenser, where the rewards could potentially become extremely exclusive and valuable, thanks to the growing utility and scale of the network.

With the ability to stake NFTs on Uniswap on a programmatic level, and not merely receive LP tokens as a placeholder, Portion’s original vision will begin to manifest.


Here at Portion, we feel blessed to have been given the foresight to assemble an NFT platform beginning in 2016, and now enable our native PRT Token to receive even more utility for our community with the expansion into the blossoming metaverse that we have proudly been traversing.

Similar to how developers sometimes engineer video games that are simply too advanced for the current iteration of graphics card architecture, so too have we felt limited with the original intent of the PRT governance token.

Portion’s partnerships with high-quality brands are merely the beginning, and we plan to announce many other incredible partnerships and developments over the coming months, as Portion asserts itself as the Web 3.0 company of choice for building in the metaverse and conducting high-end quality NFT auction experiences. Better understood as a system of interconnected IP and potential, the metaverse allows for the building out of digital worlds amongst chains that allow for real-world fungibility and immutability for digital and physical goods. Suddenly, shopping in a Portion built store for a luxury brand can result in the actual items arriving at your house in the real world.

We are excited and grateful to bring more specific commentary on this in the new future. Thank you to our entire Portion community for supporting us along this journey, there is much more to come.

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