Accredited Profession Photographer, Ante Badzim is a master at capturing simple subjects with his unique minimalistic style. Portion had the pleasure of interviewing him about his minimal approach and his focus on finer details for the photography collection.  

Hi Ante! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your work with an emphasis on your artistic style revolving around minimalism?

Based in Sydney, I am an award-winning exhibiting artist who fell in love with photography early in life. My approach is to show the true beauty of the subject, where it demands attention by introducing space and minimizing distractions. The simplest of things, when isolated, can represent something beautiful. What we take for granted often seems to be the most important, when I bring attention to these simple elements, it can function as a reminder to truly appreciate our surroundings. The fine details and primitive experiences are becoming rare in contemporary life. I want to celebrate the beauty that is overlooked by creating visuals that offer moments of reflection and appreciation.


I agree, your attention to detail and focus on simplicity are quite rare in this industry! When did your interest and career in photography begin to flourish?

My parents migrated to Australia from Croatia in the 1960s, and they brought minimal possessions with them. One of the first indulgent items they purchased after establishing themselves was a camera. This camera was handed to me at an early age and was the start of my photographic journey, which became my creative escape and lifeline. In my later years, this lead me to create digital & print content for global brands, galleries, art agencies, and diverse publications.

Wow, what a journey! What was the first camera you ever used? What tools, lens, and software do you use now?

My first camera was my parents' Ricoh XR-S SLR. My kit now consists solely of Olympus / OM SYSTEM cameras and M.Zuiko lenses. This compact system and superior quality lenses enable me in my pursuits, and the equipment becomes an extension of me without limitations. I use Photoshop for all my editing.

Why did you choose these beautiful pieces as the first photos to mint on Portion? Why is it important to you that they are here as NFTs? Which one is your favorite and why?

The images are from two collections, 'Middle Beauty' and ‘Elixir’. They both fundamentally focus on people and how their surroundings or environment influences them. Each image captures a unique moment in time; I think it is fitting that NFTs, also unique and can't be replaced, are strongly connected to what photography and these captured moments embody. My favorite image is titled 'Elixir' as it leans heavily into my minimal photographic style and my approach to focusing on life's simple experiences.


How do you envision your photos to be used? Is there a deeper meaning that you want your audience to interact and interpret from each NFT?

Captured moments, just like NFTs, are irreplaceable. The connection between photography and NFTs through authenticity is a powerful one. It provides a platform that allows that more profound connection to photos, whether experiencing a moment of reflection or appreciation of an image and the significance of exclusivity and ownership that is poignant where the digital art has triggered a personal response.


The relationship between NFTs and photography are certainly powerful. What inspires and surprises you about the emerging world of NFT photography?

NFTs have created an opportunity for photographers to be recognized, rewarded, and celebrated for their vision and output. It allows artists to consider their work, style, and approach authentically without questioning how it will be interpreted or appreciated. This doubt is something that I have somewhat battled with, and the NFT world has empowered me to move confidently forward in my creative purpose and focus on creating pieces that personally resonate.

Lastly, in correlation to our photography collection, what is identity? How do appearances, beliefs, and expressions influence our perceptions of the world?

With all the influences in modern-day life and access to information, it can be a confusing path to establishing views and perceptions that are representations of reality. As a photographer, you are responsible for truthfully representing your subjects or moments. Visuals can have a resonating impact on the viewer and have the power to educate and shift perceptions. We must challenge this constantly by representing all the elements that may define identity in a way that celebrates them all. If we see ourselves in others, we are more invested. If we see beauty in others, we are more connected.

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