A Curated Portion Exhibition at NFT.NYC

Though most of us in the NFT community are used to seeing art on screen as something we simply look at, the idea of immersive installations has long been explored and realized by artists. Artist Refik Anadol has long worked with immersive experiences, and artistic collective TeamLab is now a name that is strongly associated with digital experiences that react and change to the audiences and the way they move and interact with it.

Image: Future World - Where Art Meets Science by TeamLab. Permanent installation at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay in Singapore. 

For NFT NYC in June, Portion is hosting a digitally immersive experience at Lume Studios on June 24. Pushing the boundaries for what an immersive experience means, we’re looking for pieces that offer new ways of thinking of experiences directly connected to digital art. We want the audience to fully experience the art, and to feel like they are a part of it.


LUME studios is an experience design studio at the intersection of art & technology. The studio is conveniently located on Broadway at street level in the heart of Soho & TriBeCa, with two levels featuring a modern white-box gallery finish, 16-foot ceilings, a customizable marquee, and immersive technology.

For us to be able to consider the piece, please make sure to follow these technical requirements and specifications:

Project and size specifications:

Artist Open Call

Submit artwork by May 27 by minting it on Portion (via Ethereum or Palm) and tagging it under the Immersive Art collection. Please make sure to follow the requirements above, or we might not be able to take the price into consideration.

Guidelines for the Open Call

  • There is no limit to the number of pieces that you can submit to the open call, but please do note that each piece needs to be submitted as a separate piece
  • This is a loose prompt, but please take it seriously. Help us envision what a digitally immersive experience might look like
  • Pieces need to be submitted by minting them on Portion before May 27, 2022 to be considered for the immersive experience. We kindly ask you to respect this deadline as we will not be able to guarantee that pieces that are submitted after May 27 will be considered for this exhibition.
  • For further questions please contact hello@portion.io or drop a message in the #help-desk channel on Discord

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