By Aaron Goldblum

The use of psychedelics dates back many centuries and they remain significant to many cultures around the world. The catalyst for psychedelic experiences comes from a plethora of substances known to alter and enhance sensory perceptions. Today, substances like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and other hallucinogens are used medicinally, recreationally, and spiritually.

Substances that have mind-altering effects are not novel to society. In past years, many of these drugs have been scrutinized and stigmatized especially in developed countries. Fear of misuse and negative health effects led governments to ban most of these substances and remove them from society as a whole. Although there are risks associated with psychedelic drugs, this measure was blown out of proportion and has not stopped society from experimenting with these types of experiences. With that being said, the narrative is beginning to change as new use cases in science, medicine, and art are beginning to take hold.

“Universal Tara” Artwork by backlight artist Alex Aliume (@aliumeart)

Psychedelics allow the mind to function in ways it usually would not. Many individuals who struggle with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety find these substances to be quite helpful in their recovery. Many have found relief from terrible addictions with the help of hallucinogens as well. Additionally, so much inspiration has come from this altered functioning of the mind which has led to psychedelic-inspired art in a multitude of mediums.

This is where you, the artist, come in. How do you feel about psychedelic-inspired art? How have you experienced this concept to enhance your creativity and overall expressiveness? As society as a whole takes a greater part in the digital world, how will psychedelic art remain a part of the culture? We want you to submit your trippy digital artwork so the world can see the power of psychedelic digital art.

Artist Open Call

Submit work by the 30th of October by minting it on Portion (via Ethereum) and tagging it under the Psychedelic Art Curation collection. We will curate a selection of the pieces that are submitted to be exhibited in Portion’s Decentraland Museum.

Read our blog post on “How to Mint on Ethereum” here for step-by-step instructions.

Guidelines for the Open Call

  • There is no limit to the number of pieces that you can submit to the open call, but please do note that each piece needs to be submitted as a separate piece
  • This is a loose prompt, but please take it seriously. Help us bring psychedelic art to a new level!
  • Pieces need to be submitted by the 30th of October to be considered for Decentraland. We kindly ask you to respect this deadline as we will not be able to guarantee that pieces that are submitted after the 30th of October will be considered for the exhibition
  • For further questions please contact or drop a message in the Discord