We are entering a paradigm shift, and once we transcend there will be no turning back. Artists are the architects and thinkers of the digital future, and their imagination and craftsmanship are sculpting the societies in which we will exist. Everything is steadily moving ‘online’, and it will be the creators who flourish in the cyber landscape. The ‘online’ has made it easier for us to leave ourselves and imagine new futures, where identity and life take a whole new shape.

We are already experiencing a shift in power enabled by new technologies such as blockchain and NFTs, and all signs indicate that these evolutions will compound and continue to expand as the metaverse grows and matures.

What will humanity look like in 100 years, and how will we communicate? How will cities be developed, and what will future dwellings look like? Will we all have computer chips in our heads, and how will we identify with the body and the self? What major problems exist today that will be solved by the technologies of tomorrow, and what new complications might they bring once we’re fully submerged in virtual realities? Does the digital still co-exist with the physical, or do we only live in the metaverse?

Wealth Box by Gan

Picture the world in 2121. What shape does the world take? Portion wants to explore the futures we might head into, and we believe that it is your imagination that will inspire others, so please take this task very seriously. We are all in this together, and it is through collaboration, communication, and curiosity that we will evolve.

Portion sets no limits to what you, as the creator, can imagine for our future, and it is entirely up to you when it comes to considering what subject and issues you want to address in your art. You might want to think about communication, the government and economy, food, technology, love and sex, religion, climate change, space travel, future communities, or life in general. We want to know what you think the future will look like and how this can be visualised, and communicated through art.

Artist Open Call

Submit artwork by December 15th by minting it on Portion (via Ethereum or Palm) and tagging it under the Digital Futures collection. We will curate a selection of the pieces that are submitted to be exhibited in Portion's Decentraland Museum for the entire month of January 2022.

Guidelines for the Open Call

  • There is no limit to the number of pieces that you can submit to the open call, but please do note that each piece needs to be submitted as a separate piece
  • This is a loose prompt, but please take it seriously. Help us envision the world of tomorrow. Think back on how drastically the world has changed since 1921. Where do you hope (or fear) we may be 100 years from now
  • Pieces need to be submitted by the 15th of December to be considered for Decentraland. We kindly ask you to respect this deadline as we will not be able to guarantee that pieces that are submitted after the 15th of December will be considered for the exhibition
  • For further questions please contact hello@portion.io or drop a message in the #digital-future channel in Discord

Cover Art by styleWish

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