Artists and collectors on the Portion platform are now able to transact in the PRT Token in addition to ETH. All pieces on portion will also be denominated in ETH and PRT.

While the PRT token is already key in Portion governance and curation mechanisms, this added utility is a step in PRT’s development into the native token of the Portion platform — and plugging in to the wider DeFi ecosystem.

PRT purchasing is just one of many features Portion will be rolling out in advance of a nearing v3 launch. Portion v3 sees the rollout of PRT Token staking and liquidity mining mechanisms, alongside a number of key protocol upgrades and a deep UX refresh.

Portion has been at the forefront of NFT art and collectibles since 2016, and the platform continues to iterate with currents in DeFi and blockchain. We are working towards establishing a global presence for digital assets in art, entertainment, sports, and media.

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