This month, we're partnering with Cinetica Studio, a mixed reality studio based in Mexico City, co-founded by brothers Jonathan and Lionelle Mehraban. Cinetica Studio has worked alongside many top brands, celebrities, and artists to deliver countless creative solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Production that are widely acclaimed all across the globe.

On January 4th, Cinetica Studio will be introducing a special limited edition NFT Collection entitled "Meta Moves Trading Cards" on Portion. Each of these cards ("MetaMoves") is one-of-a-kind NFT created using motion capture technology and each contains the essence of a live performance. None of the files have been altered or manipulated, making this one of the first efforts to immortalize someone's presence on the blockchain.

Cinetica Studio NFT Drop on Portion

There are a total of 7 NFTs in this first drop, ranging from 0.24 to 0.45 ETH. Each NFT contains unique moves and original audio production and mastering by Cinética and Tony Levy. The purchase of an NFT from this collection grants the buyer the full rights to the Motion Capture data, which can be used in the future to produce 3D Videos, Videogames, or even animations for avatars in the metaverse. The possibilities and potential applications are limitless.

Cinetica Studio NFT Drop on Portion

With this partnership, Cinetica Studio and Portion hope to push forward innovation in the metaverse. This release marks the first effort to widen the utility for NFTs and to bring unique motion capture use-cases into the metaverse.

Tune into the drop on January 4th.

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