This has been one of the busiest weeks the team has experienced, and that is directly correlated with the outpour of support, enthusiasm, and adoption for

One of our primary concerns is to continuously establish ourselves as the preeminent platform for not only protecting the sales of artists (Portion takes 0% commission) by providing a metaphysical space for many of the most talented creators in the world to call home.

Selected updates in terms of platform growth:

  1. has facilitated over $250,000 worth of sales in the last week alone, and NFTs are establishing themselves as a bonafide force in the blockchain space. Even with a small retracement in the markets, bullish sentiment on acquiring NFTs and other rare collectibles is truly at an all time high!
  2. This past week, we were proud to have had famed conceptual artist Kevin Abosch choose as the place to sell his Stan Lee, ‘Spider-Stan’, NFT and we’re happy to report that it sold for over $90,000 (61 ETH)! This portrait of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee by Kevin Abosch was taken in Los Angeles in 1996. The portrait is scheduled to land on the moon on NASA’s United Launch Alliance Vulcan rocket. Kevin famously sold a photograph of a potato for over $1M dollars. He then went on and sold the first digital Rose back in 2018 for $1M Dollars to a collective group of supporters. We are thankful that Kevin chose Portion and are proud that his belief was well placed.
  3. After excitedly announcing that we are collaborating with some of the best Marvel artists, we are thrilled to announce further collaborations in the comic art space with our partner, Essential Sequential! DC artists currently have over 25 new NFTs available on Portion. Click here to see an exciting Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn Series by Matteo Scalera.

We would like to take this time to let the community know that while the developers will do their best to accomplish the roadmap timelines, all deadlines are tentative. Our February 28th goal of enabling buying and selling in PRT has been pushed back slightly, and we are working around the clock to finalize all of the needed work on the backend to allow this transition to be as seamless as possible. Important to note is that buying and selling in PRT has been finalized through a smart contract. We simply need a ui/ux update to reflect the changes live.

Furthermore, we have heard the community reach out to discuss a possible Token lock up. It should be noted that a large percentage of these tokens are reserved for future partnerships, artist royalties, and collaborations with impactful teams. Conversations around a potential token burn are being had by the team, and various locking mechanisms are being explored.

It is expected to be a big week for Portion, and we will update the community on a frequent basis to let everyone know that exciting developments are in store. As always, we appreciate you, and good things are happening.

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