Decentraland | Curators' Note

Decentraland is hosting its 3rd annual Metaverse Art Week: The World is Made of Code from August 24th - 28th, in which Portion will be featured! Metaverse Art Week is an event where artists display their digital art for the whole metaverse to experience. You will have the ability to immerse yourself in a world of creative digital art like never before!

The new experiences provided in the Metaverse will enable extraordinary moments to manifest for both artists and viewers.  The boundaries created between the virtual and the real world are significantly opening.  Imagination and dream states are imposing new levels of posture for the experiences created.  It seems the old can in fact be re-evaluated, re-invigorated into collaborative states which will engineer new visions.  Blaise Pascal said “All Man’s ills come from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone”.... I think the metaverse will provide those who might not be able to find solace in quiet places to become more adventurous and actually find contentment in life.  The potentials are going to be mesmerizing and valuable! - Patricia Gagic

Decentraland Art Week is a celebration of digital art and Portion will be hosting a curated selection of artworks within its metaverse museum. Since 2021, Portion's Museum in the Voltaire District has been home to our artist's creations along with our partner's metaverse installations. Our exhibit features seven floors of cutting-edge NFT artwork from a fantastic selection of artists.

This year, Decentraland will be featuring a virtual immersive build modeled after our Portion NFT NYC exhibit, featuring Martini Police (Stillman x Yonson) artwork. Additionally, select artists will have their works shown in our Portion Metaverse Museum. The coordinates for the museum are (50,100).

Come join the Portion family on August 24th for this celebration of digital art in the Decentraland Metaverse!

To see this mind-blowing Portion x Decentraland installation, hop into world here!

Martini Police

An art duo founded by Stillman and Yonson.


Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D rendering / 3840x1080

Concept: "TEMPERAMENTS" is an eight-piece collection that will be exhibited in the "Luminescence" Exhibition at LUME Studios for NFT NYC 2022. The artwork embodies the four temperaments of nature and soul.

Portion Museum Artists

Check out the Portion Museum here to explore our wonderful artist's works!

Good Boy William

GOOD BOY WILLIAM explores surreal digital ecosystems through his work. Imagining what organisms and rituals will emerge in a digital world mediated by the internet and technology. Good Boy William describes his practice of speculative design as the concept of creating objects or things that would result from an imagined world and utilizing constructed systems of logic.

His work has been exhibited nationally at Broad Art Center, New Wight Gallery, Pauley Pavilion, and Art Basel. His most recent NFT, “Quarantined Nostalgic Melody”, is being sent to the moon on a nanolithography disc as part of an upcoming research mission by NASA and Arch Mission Foundation.

Artwork Name: Jumping Peaburgler

Year: June 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Looping Video: 15 sec. 2000px w. 2000px h.

Concept: Special 4th. Edition. Sculpted frame by frame in VR, this specimen is the first of many to inhabit a larger virtual menagerie of digital creatures. This series of sketches uses virtual reality stop motion techniques to create gestural and fluid compositions. Utilizing the “automatic drawing” method invented by the surrealists, these works are created subconsciously and intuitively—their resulting form dictating their function and motion.

Holders gain access to the full menagerie show in Los Angeles as well as scheduled private viewings.

Sound design: Erik Shiboski

Oguz Yaron Dogru

Oguz, 3D Surreal Art, and Character Designer. Winner of the 2018 European Union Young Talents Competition. He has participated in many groups and solo exhibitions around the world. It produces designs for giant organizations such as Samsung and Interscope Records. He has been in the NFT World for 2 and a half years in total and has been on many platforms.

Artwork Name: Eliana

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D Art - 4000 x 5000 pixels

Concept: This piece of art is the reflection of my childhood dreams of the digital world. In my childhood dreams, I always explored fantastic worlds in the sky.

Vanessa Pagano

Vanessa Pagano is a Digital Artist, based in Switzerland. She works on several NFT and other 3D projects. Vanessa is part of a 3D Community, Team Blackcat with over 40 artists worldwide.

Artwork Name: Lost in heaven

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Digital artwork - 1280x1280 pixels

Concept: "I wanted to give the feeling that even if you fall deep, you can be caught."

Yuma Yanagisawa

Yuma Yanagisawa is a new media artist exploring creative computation. His practice encompasses generative visuals rooted in creative coding and real-time VFX. Yanagisawa’s work has been presented at various festivals and galleries, including SXSW in the United States, NODE Forum for Digital Arts in Germany, Patchlab Festival in Poland, CADAF in France, and Spiral in Japan.

Artwork Name: Blobs

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Generative, 1080x1920px

Concept: Blobs is a creative coding sketch exploring one of the most iconic algorithms in the demoscene — rendering metaballs. The artwork aims to repurpose the classical technique with real-time 3D technology.

AVA (avarello_virtualarts)

AVA is a 3d visual artist of Italian and Lithuanian descent and shares her time between Germany - where she studied virtual design - and the UK.
Through her art, AVA transforms her thoughts and feelings into abstract, surreal worlds and sculptural elements.
Some of her art was exhibited in London, Rome, and New York.

Artwork Name: MyBodyMyChoice

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3Dart / 2500x2500px

Concept: 'MyBodyMyChoice' embodies the aspects of abortion rights. Their body language is very protective to represent their freedom of choice but also the loving nature of a mother protecting their unborn child.

This piece illustrates the fear of not being able to control one's own body, but also the hope for light and love.


EllaSuper is a Hong Kong-Kiwi video director, animator, and digital artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her work expresses her love for colors, sci-fi, and cinema. In recent years, her works have won digital art awards and are continuously shown at film festivals in Australia.

EllaSuper also produces music under the moniker 'French Concession', creating ethereal pop tunes that are often visualized by CGI animation. She now helps other musicians and brands to achieve their visual fantasies when possible.

Artwork Name: Reunion

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Digital 3D scene made in Blender, 1920 x 1080 px

Concept: The characters in this scene encounter their own self from different times. In your weak moments, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find comfort in yourself who knows you the most?

TaeHoon Park

Taehoon Park is an award-winning artist and digital creator.

Artwork Name: 0110_ETERNAL CITY II

Year: 2021

Technique and Dimensions: Cinema4D / Aftereffects / MarvelousDesigner / Redshift

Concept: ETERNAL CITY II is a special edition that is derived from Park Tae-hoon's sci-fi short film <0110> and contains the endless journey of digital human DH-6.

Chris May

Chris May is an American multimedia artist based in Los Angeles working in generative animation, music, video, and sound design. His colorful digital landscapes create a holistic sensory experience that draws the viewer inward, hinting at the potential of the unknown.

Artwork Name: Mind's Eye

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: AI animation 1080x1080 60fps

Concept: Mind's Eye explores future realities and modes of existence. The video is based on the idea that our future selves will be able to interact with the world in ways that are beyond our current imagining. Generative algorithms create a seamlessly changing portrait that is both familiar and alien. As we watch, we are invited to question what it means to be human in a future where we are no longer limited by our physical form.


An artist who studies comparative literature and learns 3D on his own. I love visualizing the works I read with my own interpretation. The works I make by myself are dystopic and also close to reality. I believe that I will leave traces in this adventure and I aim to be a guide for those who will come after me.

Artwork Name: Spirit Keepers

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D concept art 2160x3840

Concept: We all have parts of the old gods in us, but most people don't know that. The important thing is to know their existence and to accept and respect them.

Sarper Baran

Sarper Baran is a passionate 3D artist and engineer with over 6 years of experience in 3D modeling, texturing, and lightning. He is a founder of and an ambassador in Kitbash3D. A judge in AMD Design Award 2022.

He creates artwork with Zbrush, Cinema 4D (Octane), Substance Painter and Photoshop CC for providing high-quality images to various kinds of companies and customers.

Sarper collaborated with many famous artists such as Chris Brown, Drake, Reynmen, and more.

Artwork Name: Angel Hunter

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D design/CGI, 5000x6000

Concept: Angel Hunter. An evil creature hunts souls with his eyes. He lives in forests and you can understand where’s he with the following skulls he left behind.

Taha Bostanci

Taha Bostanci is a multidisciplinary 3D artist who has completed his art education and has been working on the stage design for the last 5 years. He took part in Olympic events such as Universiade 2011, EYOF 2017, and Snowboard World Cup 2018 and produced works in contracted projects with many music companies.
He is one of the featured artists of

Artwork Name: Explorer's Dream

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D Design/CGI, 7500x2500 300dpi

Concept: This work is a tribute to the masters who push the limits of imagination. From Plato to Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci to Giordano Bruno, we see that all these great people who have left their marks on the World continue to shed light on our futures even today. They showed us what can be discovered through imagination. Our job as artists is to shine a light not only on the darkness of the world but also on the dark seas of the universe.

Koen Van Damme

Koen Van Damme is such an expert. His architectural photography is intense and concentrated, involving much more than just taking pictures. Although reality cannot be captured in a photograph, Koen Van Damme reveals essential beauty by cleverly combining fragments of the whole.

Artwork Name: Gallinago

Year: 2009

Technique and Dimensions: digital black and white photograph, 4032 p x 6048 p

Concept: Le Corbusier said. "Architecture is the masterly correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light: light and shade reveal these forms." Architectural photography to me is a daily challenge to capture these core characteristics in a two-dimensional image.

Rank SSS

Rank SSS is an architect, a self-taught digital artist, and a swimmer.
Inspired by the green and the blue, her style is centered on combining the fields of architecture, space, and nature, experimenting with the concept of surrealism to create strange universes.

Artwork Name: You Are The Universe

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: MP4 9:16 1080x1920

Concept: « You Are The Universe » is the first piece from the collection « Half Human .. Half Universe »; this collection is inspired by space and nature; it’s about expressing feelings of love and nostalgia, exploring strange universes, and capturing timeless moments.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew” - Marshall McLuhan

Stacie Ant

Stacie Ant's character-driven work operates as a critique and rejection of the male gaze, enhanced by a modern culture of digital immersion. She harnesses the very digital tools offered in a technologically-dependent world as a means of empowering female identity and sexuality. Often humorous, Ant's work offers a way of looking at a fast-paced digital realm through a lens of irony and satire.

Stacie's work spreads within several mediums; 3D animation, Augmented reality, and web3 projects. She is a Co-Founder of XELEVEN, an immersive metaverse company. In recent years, she collaborated with numerous fashion brands including Adidas, Nike, and Adrianna Hot Couture. Her personal work is exhibited internationally, including at Miami Art Basel, Kraftwerk Berlin, Milan Fashion Week, and South by South West.

Artwork Name: Life in plastic is fantastic

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D animation in blender, 1920x1920

Concept: Life in Plastic is Fantastic is a take on self-representation in the metaverse. As the availability of digital tools increases, we are presented with a tough choice - how will we present ourselves in a virtual space? Will we use this new freedom to redefine the physical boundaries of our bodies, or will we use these new tools to reaffirm old beauty standards?

Pearlyn Lii

Pearlyn Lii is an art director and artist from Hong Kong investigating the space between identity and sensorium through interactive installations, performances, and ephemera. Her work merges her lens as a graphic designer with physical computing and creative coding. She has worked with museums and cultural institutions including the Guggenheim Bilbao and Fashion for Good in Amsterdam. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, with distinction, from ArtCenter College of Design.

Artwork Name: Camela, Real Girlfriend

Year: 2021

Technique and Dimensions: AR Video, 404x720px, .mp4, 18 secs

Concept: ‘Real Girlfriend’ is a performance-based body of work. Conceived in AR, the videos depict an embodiment of female archetypes, representing an amalgam of women from the virtual canon. Various avatars in the likeness of the artist are encapsulated within the bounds of a device, at the ready. Their implied immediacy is countered by intangibility, contradicting their role as desirable, emotional surrogates. In creation, the artist embeds personality flaws, vices, or imperfections in each to query a typical fantasy commodified by culture.

Camela mentally collects personalities—constantly. Not uncharacteristic for a talent agent for streamers. With a bluntness as sobering as day, Camela often drags a Virginia Slim (not pictured) while quoting her op-ed about parasocial relationships.

Zoe Winters

Zoe Winters is a professional animator from Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in DX (digital arts) and Japanese. Her most recent exhibitions were with Metacon in Dubai, and Rarible at NFT LA. Zoe says, "the meaningful, complex, and visually attractive narratives woven into East Asian art have fascinated me and continue to translate into my work.” As her artistic compositions explore the duality of light and darkness, viewers feel connected to the layers of emotions present in each piece she creates. Zoe is also pioneering in the space of AR (augmented reality) creating real-world assets from 3d software. She will be one of the leading builders of the metaverse over the next decade. Pushing the boundaries and possibilities of digital art, she aims to reach people on a spiritual level through meaningful artwork while combating an era of isolation.

Artwork Name: “Road to Redemption”

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Animation

Concept: Road to Redemption: Zoe’s original character, Buddha Bunni, runs infinitely around a small glowing planet with mysterious emerald crystals and wires. There is a clear contrast between dark and cute elements, as well as organic and inorganic materials. In exploring opposing sides of ourselves, we ultimately discover our highest state of being should we choose to follow that road. This NFT will come with a special Metaverse surprise in the following months for collectors.

Artwork Name: “Awoke in an Artificial Dream”

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Animation

Concept: Awoke in an Artificial Dream: A girl has awoken in a manufactured dream, created by artistry and technology allowing for the creation of worlds through animation. Several adorable lab-created characters represent the manifestation of the demons that haunt our psyche in a disarming form, in which they can no longer cause harm. Zoe’s research in contemporary Japanese art, the Superflat art movement, Game Design, Traditional Art, and technology has contributed to the style of her original characters and compositions. This 1/1 NFT will come with a special Metaverse surprise in the following months for the collector.


Sefa Kocakalay, born in 1999.Generative artist based in Turkey. All the visionary, psychedelic and abstract artworks that I create are made using current, different artificial intelligence technologies and inspired by my imaginativeness.

Artwork Name: Deep Visions

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Generative Art / AI

Concept: There are some moments when you have a hard time explaining yourself. At these times words are insufficient. These are times you want to express what you feel. And here it is "AI." I believe I denounce myself with 1 and 0  instead of using words. You may find something of yourself on this voyage. "Just dream in an artificial way."

Maria Gudjohnson

Maria Gudjohnsen is an Icelandic 3D artist based in New York City. Her work depicts utopian speculations of potential realities, inspired by the future, Sci-fi, and computer graphics.

Artwork Name: HER

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Video

Concept: HER is a visual exploration of Beauty.

Jeremy Torman

Jeremy Torman is an artist obsessed with depicting the visionary psychedelic experience, utilizing cutting-edge computer vision tools.

Artwork Name: Pastel Disco

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Generative Adversarial Networks and Diffusion Transformers for image synthesis.

Concept: Synthesizing Psychedelic Closed Eye Visuals using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Farah Manley

A 2D/3D digital artist (formally an architect) and mom who creates surreal worlds and environments that take you away from the ordinary. Bringing elements of architecture, childhood playfulness, and memories with a hint of eerie.

Artwork Name: Curiosity no. 3

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 2D/3D Digital Art

Concept: A continuation of Farah’s Labyrinth – a series; Portals and worlds where one can get lost in.

Johanna Kroft

Johana Kroft is 3D artist and designer coming from the Czech Republic with 9 years of experience in Agencies DDB and Ogilvy Prague. After living in London and establishing a studio Idea & Maker, she works worldwide interpreting her colorful style in 3D worlds in various styles and techniques while creating illustrations and motion design videos. Her personal work is elegant and poetic. Inspired by traveling, dogs and emotions.

Artwork Name: Extraordinary Alien

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D Animation

Concept: This Alien's a non-binary unhuman made for all of us who love bold colors and abstract creation. Is a digital character with a shy personality. Their main characteristic is a purple hairstyle and deep blue eyes. It's inspired by my beloved New York and the people who live here.

Nik Gunderson

Gundersen is a CGI generalist and Visual Designer working in the fields of digital image making and animation. With a strong focus on product and set design, he works closely with the fashion and music industry. His work has a highly realistic aspect of lighting and texturing with a more surreal shape and function design. Creating a wide range of fully CG work he also collaborates with photographers and directors on the implementation of his work in photography and videography.

Artwork Name: Olympa

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D animations as video

Concept: OLYMPA is a multimedia project presenting a futuristic visual campaign and a combination of fashion and product design. Evolved from thoughts of objectification of women, car commercials, and ideas of the future of consumerism. The idea is that wearable products can be less trend-based and more based on an idea of optimizing leading technology design, especially in a fashion sense. Presented as a campaign with photographer Marin LeBorne, a video campaign fully animated and also sold as NFT and a digitally wearable collection with industry leader DressX and Bubblehouse

Ahmet Rüstem Ekici

Ahmet Rustem is Istanbul based artist who focuses on gender, architecture, and archaeology.

Artwork Name: The Temple of the three beauties

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D Digital Animation, 1920x 1080p, 00:00:45 Seconds

Concept: The Temple of three beauties is inspired from the ancient mosaic of "The Judgement of Paris". The origin of mosaic belongs to Antiochia province Turkey but is exhibited in the museum Louvre. I adore the similarities between mosaic pieces and pixels. İf a mosaic piece called tesserae is big the resolution of the mosaic floor looks low quality. If the tesseras are small the mosaic looks high resolution just like pixels. Three beauties are watching the mosaic pieces falling apart and uniting again just like archeological items.


Fesq is a Brazilian Art Director, 3D Artist, and self-taught professional specializing in the digital space. His consistent and particular color palette organically became his signature over the years, while his work branches into two main conceptual paths. One explores the cyberpunk aesthetic while oftentimes critiquing society as a whole. The other has a more sensitive approach, covering some of his personal experiences and emotions. Deeply involved in the NFT space, Fesq has a solid collector base all around the globe and is currently focused on developing his personal projects while spreading his knowledge about this new frontier.

Artwork Name: Stardust

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: 3D Art and Animation

Concept: This piece is an ode to change, it’s about the progressive evolution of everything, where things can start small and then transform into something beautiful over time.

Joe Tamponi

Joe Tamponi is an illustrator / lazy skateboarder, punk rock lover, and small waves seeker.

Artwork Name: The Inner Monologue Series

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Digital Art - Procreate + After Effects

Concept: The Inner Monologue is a spin-off of the Neon Weirdos project. It’s a stream of consciousness, an inner trip into the reality we’re living in, in a world endangered by climate change and wars after two miserable years of the pandemic.

Ofir K.

Ofir K. is an artist based in Israel. She explores the mind and the consciousness through video animations with repeating geometric shapes that create psychedelic journeys with multiple transformations and transitions. Through the creation process of the animations, a new narrative takes place, builds in the process that is guided by her intuition.

Starting from blank, she explores geometrical shapes with a new order at a time. Then, animating the shapes with an exploration of new geometrical hierarchies and intensive movement that evoke an emotional reaction. "When creating, I have to feel the movement of the shapes and their transitions. It's like a mirror to my emotional processing and intuition."

Artwork Name: Hypnagogia

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Digital Art, Software - Adobe After Effects

Concept: This animation was created as inspiration from the experience of the Hypnagogia state of mind. It has a lot of transitions, vibrations, and sensations that occur during this stage, and it's an intuitive and surreal experience. In this state, it's like being in between two states of consciousness, experiencing some elements of sleep mixed with some aspects of wakefulness.


Jonny Mehraban is a motion capture expert, co-founder of Cinetica Studio, and co-founder of MetaMoves, the only NFT project of cross-platform decentralized movements.

Artwork Name: Decentralized movements: a web3 tale

Year: 2022

Technique: Motion capture, Unreal, Engine, Maya

Concept: The “Decentralized movements: a web3 tale” shows the journey of a two-way bored mouse that despite being held back by its opponents, succeeded in reaching the apogee after being inspired by creative minds and thought leaders shaping the web3. This artwork honors movement as an integral part of our digital identity, interoperability as the cornerstone of web3, and diversity as a key to a more compassionate future.


Born and raised in Cd. Juarez Chih. Mexico, a wild and history-rich border town, Carlos Luna James, aka MGOGLKTKO, later moved to Guadalajara, to pursue a degree in Design. In 2007, right after graduating from college, he moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream.

As an immigrant in the US and coming from a country where the original culture was wiped out by colonization, Carlos's imaginary travelers take a different path. The shared culture and knowledge between civilizations create an elevated alternate future for his multiverse.

Inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, culture, and technology, his works explore cultural diversity and subsequent hybridization as fertile soil for cultivating positive human emotions, such as kindness and empathy, and sees the ability to migrate whether in reality or in the metaverse as an opportunity to explore visions of utopian worlds. His mission is to promote empathy, love, and happiness through his work.

Carlos seamlessly combines digital, projection, and physical art, while incorporating sculpture, digital screens, projectors, video mapping, laser cutting, and 3D printing in his creative process.

As a designer, he has worked with companies such as FOX, Universal, Disney, DreamWorks, Paramount, Sony, Relativity, TNT, and TBS among others. His physical installations have been hits at major Art Fairs and gallery shows across the US, including the prestigious auction house at Sotheby’s London UK. His NFT collaborations include TIME Magazine, Timbaland, and Jake Paul.

Artwork Name: ZENITH

Year: 2022

Technique: 3D Animation with Sound Design.

Concept: Inspired by sci-fi, culture & technology, “Zenith” is depicted as a time of consciousness; moving through life with the power of love and empathy. The artwork is influenced by the highest inner self-connection and visions of dreams at the center point of his journey. The experiential art piece is a celestial sphere associated with a moment in time, connecting with the highest point reached by the rhythm of the universe.

Vini Naso

Vini Naso is a digital artist exploring how notions of beauty and visual identity are expanding in the digital age. He mixes influences from folk art, modern fashion, and cyberpunk to create something time-agnostic and perhaps a little uncomfortable. Working in a purely digital medium allows him the freedom to explore ideas, shapes, materials, and textures that aren’t constrained by the limitations of the physical world. Naso is interested in how digital technologies will help shape posthuman aesthetics. Old notions of identity bind us less when our humanity isn’t necessarily attached to traditional human form. He has been featured on Vogue Italia as a leading artist reinventing views around beauty, technology, and identity. Also, Naso was the 2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize winner for Digital Art.

Artwork Name: Anatta

Year: Collaboration with Ehsan Parizi, Created in 2022

Technique: C4D, Houdini, Marvelous Designer, and Substance Designer.

Concept: Anatta is the idea that humans have an Impermanent self. "Impermanence means being transformed at every moment. This is reality. And since there is nothing unchanging, how can there be a permanent self." -Thich Nhat Hanh


Niohuru is an NYC & LA-based makeup artist and creative director. Niohuru is known for creating physical 3D makeup that looks like digital art, pushing the lines between physical and digital art. They use their creative journey to explore the ying & yang/light and darkness of humanity. Created by a Chinese Manchu trans artist who survived conversion therapy, their work is often inspired by trauma, sexuality, and nature with colors from their unique Manchurian cultural background. They are a storyteller, through the language of human emotions. They are a shapeshifter, sprouting from a glamorous Eastern nightmare.

Artwork Name: Evil Sprouting

Year: 2022

Technique and Dimensions: Direction & styling & makeup: NiohuruX

Edit & 3D artistry: @suki_violet

Videography: @henrylunyc

Music: @antigeneralofficial


Pain is bread, blood is wine

Sprouting from his dying bed

She is the new god

Horny evil

Sucking on

Tender nipples

Suki Violet Su

Suki Violet Su is an NYC-based Visual Artist and MV Director. As an eastern surrealist who grew up in China's largest immigrant city and was nomadic with the world, Su has been exploring the human sense of belonging, commonalities, and the tension between Eastern and Western visual narratives. She committed to presenting different media and multi-dimensional visual connections, exploring domain boundaries, and embedding personal visual language. Her works comprise Eastern and Western cultures, religious beliefs, and female power, incorporating 3D digital art, graphic design, photography, and conceptual films.

Artwork Name: SKINSEQ-Eastern Philosophy 1

Year: 2022

Concept: Inspired by an old Chinese story “Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream.” It is a dialectic of existence and a thought experiment about the real and the dream.


Year: 2022

Concept: Work with artist Anya Kochergina. "Every century there are major wars. One country tries to prove its superiority over another country by killing and destroying each other. "

Suki Violet Su x NiohuruX Collaboration


Year: 2022

Technique: CGI Digital Art

Concept: SKINSEQ-GERMINATION is an NFT digital makeup collection created by Suki Violet Su and Niohuru X. Inspired by Animism, it is the philosophical reflection of cosmic consciousness projected through digital art. The human face is the consolidation of the rest of the manifestation of the emotion and metaphysical universe. A new qualitative sequence of consciousness emerges on our authentic skin and bones.

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