This has been a phenomenal week for, with the release of several new drops, the expansion of the team, and a commitment to growing the platform to new heights.

We would like to announce that we have hired 4 new developers who are actively aiding the finalization of our V3 platform. We have heard feedback from the community that our actual dApp doesn’t match the beauty of the website. Not only do we hear you, but we actively agree. Portion V2 was the result of testing the efficiency of our code; realizing what functionality worked well and what did not. V3 will integrate the beautification of the platform up to the Portion standard, and we believe that it will help us gain mainstream adoption and make it easier for the less technically inclined to navigate! V3 is expected to drop in the next couple months!

As for sales, Marvel and DC artists have been prospering on the platform, and our partnership with Essential Sequential is flourishing. This past drop on March 4th, over $100,000 in sales were generated from incredible pieces that were minted, such as Dave Johnson’s Batman which sold for 20 Ether within minutes!

Aside from the increase in high quality art, we have also had hundreds of new artists migrate to Portion, and have decided to onboard a social media and growth analyst to take our marketing to the next level. You will notice that the Portion Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram have started to organically grow at significantly higher rates than before thanks to our new talented analytics team. The Portion instagram and other social media channels will only be the start, as we have further exciting collaborations with some of the largest marketing companies in the world that we will be unveiling in subsequent weekly updates, when the time comes.

The Portion team has been hard at work on the backend, but we recognize having a functional website merely isn’t enough, and thus the upgrade of the UI in addition to the concentrated efforts of the marketing team will help to steer our project into bluer waters.

Additionally, we want to address the token lockup of the early supporters with the community. As mentioned in a previous blogpost, we have drastically reduced the inflation of the project by limiting the early supporter & employee token release to a 4 year timeline, up from 1 year. We feel that this strategic move shows our commitment to the project, and also breathes stability into what we (especially the early supporters) believe. This is merely the beginning of the journey as formalizes into a preeminent platform for NFTs, digital collectibles, and proponents of digital scarcity, authenticity, and fair royalties.

In the next few weeks we will organize all uncirculating tokens into the following Ethereum address to promote visibility and transparency:

PRT TREASURY: 0x5dCeAb824cd0e1C5ee1c88bAEfa07c0A8dae65b2

Tokens in the PRT Treasury will be utilized for artist royalties, liquidity mining, platform incentives, early supporters, marketing, and employees. The remaining 1,000,000,000 PRT in address 0x095bA6460A3D34c81AEf22aEF46923102a469029 ( deployer) will be burned on June 1st, 2021.

~200M PRT per year will be released to support the platform. This number is subject to be higher or lower, and we will be taking community feedback into account.

Lastly, we would like to say that we are in the final stages of negotiating several partnerships and collaborations that will create a paradigm shift for These formations are the result of years of commitment, and are a testament to the team’s ability to ensure Portion gets the care it needs to blossom into what we all believe it can.

We continue to rapidly hire and build out an amazing team to keep up with the recent influx of great activity and enthusiasm over what we are building.

Good things are happening,

Portion Team

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