Fueled by a love for pizza, Saturday morning cartoons, and video games, freshcake. is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in illustration and animation. After years working for some of the largest names in entertainment such as MTV, WWE, and recently Nickelodeon, he is now looking to bring his own colorful style to the digital world with his first ever NFTs!

His latest series, ‘Poor Traits,’ is a gif worthy exploration into some of our least desirable characteristics. These portraits are one of a kind and the first official freshcake. NFTs! They will be dropping exclusively on Portion on Tuesday 4/6 at 7PM EST!

‘Poor Traits’ Series:

#1 Talking loud — You know that guy that’s on his phone just yelling his sentences, this is him.

#2 Drooling Over It — Whoops, you got caught staring! Did anyone see? Are you caught? Oh, who cares, those bear claws aren’t gonna eat themselves.

#3 Up to Something — Yeah, this dude is no good. Totally plotting something.

#4 Liars — Who was it that said, “I can not tell a lie” def wasn’t this dude.

#5 Worry Wart — Did I lock the door? Or leave the stove on? Oh god, I totally said that thing I shouldn’t have said!!!! Worrying is an art.

Cost per NFT = 0.6 ETH

What is your take on the meteoric rise of interest in NFTs? Did you ever think things like NFTs would blow up the way they have?

“NFTs certainly have gone to the moon and back! It’s really amazing how fast they took off and the opportunities they have provided for creatives. Digital art has been looking for a market ever since social platforms like Instagram became the norm. I didn’t know NFTs were the answer but it was only a matter of time before a creator economy formed.”

What does the concept of digital scarcity mean to you, if anything?

“The term ‘digital scarcity’ makes me chuckle, I kind of find it ironic. There is no shortage of digital content out there. By the time someone reads this they have likely posted something online or interacted with a piece of content. Digital assets are far from scarce however it’s very refreshing to see we now have a way to credibly limit assets. Sure, a gif can be reposted but now we know there is only one original.”

Why do you think NFTs resonate with collectors?

“I find NFTs resonate with collectors like anything else. Just like Comic books, trading cards, or fine art. There is real value in collecting, both monetary and personal value. NFTs act the same way and they have opened doors to a future beyond collecting that has yet to be explored.”

Where do you find inspiration?

“Tough to say, most times I’m drawing in front of the TV with a cartoon on in the background and half a bag of chips spilled on my chest. But if I had to really think about it I would say a lot of my work is driven by emotions. A lot of characters are often seen with large “deer in the headlights” style eyes and a wide open mouth. Probably because most of the time life sort of shocks people. Everyday someone is saying, “I just can’t believe it” or “You will never guess what happened”. Those sort of reactions paired with a goofy 90’s style cartoon character can create an awesome doodle.”

Why did you decide to list your work on Portion?

“I’m on Portion because I was looking for a unique, and more exclusive approach to NFTs then what I was finding on other platforms.”

freshcake. will be dropping his work on Portion on Tuesday (4/6/21) at 7 PM EST. You can preview the pieces on Portion here now.

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