The release is a statement on creator’s rights and the power of fandom communities.

Neal Adams is a Hall of Fame comic book artist renowned for his creative work with Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and a veritable army of superheroes who have saved the planet on many occasions. Neal is also a fierce and long-time advocate for creator’s rights within the industry — a superhero in his own right. Now, Neal is bringing to market his first-ever run of original NFTs with Portion.

While this would be an exciting event in any context, recent developments in the comic book space make this Neal Adams NFT release more than a release of rare collectible art, it makes it a statement about creator’s rights and the power of fandom communities.

Here’s the story: DC Comics recently published an open letter calling for a ban of NFT sales related to any of its licensed characters such as Batman. Neal Adams and Portion have reviewed DC’s concerns. Neal’s successful history fighting for creator’s rights and understanding his contract allows him to move forward with this NFT sale in partnership with Portion.

On Thursday, April 29 at 4PM EST, Neal Adams will release 9 single edition pieces. The release is another instance of a generationally talented iconoclast who creates cherished characters that create lasting connections with fans all over the world. The drop includes five animated comic illustrations from 1994 to 2021 and four additional original comic pages. These NFTs feature beloved characters like Batman and Robin and Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four, and many more.

Neal Adams is an accomplished illustrator, known far and wide for his seminal painted paperback book covers for Ballantine Books. He provided illustrated covers for many Marvel Comics magazines like “Savage Tales of Conan,” “Dracula Lives,” “Marvel Preview,” and “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu.” Neal continues to have legendary ‘runs’ on Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and Deadman. His work resulted in the realistic incarnation of the Dark Night Detective seen in “Batman Begins,” and in the “The Dark Knight” movies. He also created Ras Al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn, both of which are featured in the “Arrow” series.

A few years ago, Neal produced his greatest Batman epic called Batman: Odyssey, a 13 part story which featured many new characters and environments as well as revisions of old characters. Neal worked with industry legends like Bill Sienkievicz, Kevin Nowlan, and Scott Williams to create his ultimate Batman story.

Neal Adams- Megalith with Cape -

Recently, Neal has returned full-time to comics. He wrote, penciled, and inked a 6-part return to his very first DC character Deadman, continuing the epic story he started years ago. He also wrote, penciled, and inked a Superman series in which he drew the New Gods and Darkseid in a galaxy-spanning story “Coming of the Supermen.” Neal just finished a new “Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul” 6-part series that returns Batman’s greatest villain and introduces a new opponent, the Son of Ra’s Al Ghul. Don’t miss out on the excitement! @Neal Adams: Twitter | IG | FB

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