Portion is the 21st Century Auction House for Rare, High-End NFT Art, Music, and Collectibles. From our platform taking 0% of artists work, to offering 11% royalties on secondary sales, supporting creators is our mission.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets like videos, images, or audio that are built on blockchain technology. When you "mint an NFT," your art becomes a token on the immutable Ethereum blockchain. In doing this, you assign your artwork provenance by marking yourself as the token's creator, you verify its authenticity, and you enable it to be purchased, traded, and digitally tracked (on a blockchain) as it is resold in secondary markets. The NFTs you mint on Portion are tied directly to your cryptocurrency wallet which means that you’re in control, and you’ll hold and manage your funds directly. Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure you have ETH (the cryptocurrency used for all transactions on Ethereum) and a wallet set up.

Once you have some ETH in your wallet, you can get started minting an NFT and selling your artwork on Portion. The process is fairly simple and only requires 6 steps:

1) To get started, navigate to Portion.io.

2) Click Connect Wallet and choose from the available options. We prefer to use MetaMask.

3) You’ll need Ether (ETH) in your wallet to pay gas fees to the Ethereum Network to validate the transactions of minting your artwork. Portion does not charge you any fees - this is the cost of leaving your mark on the immutable Ethereum blockchain! Typical charges to mint during heavy Ethereum congestion are in the ~$70 range, but please be advised that 500 Portion token ($PRT) will automatically be added to your wallet after a successful mint to help mitigate gas costs. These payments are distributed every other Sunday.

Note: The gas fees vary depending on the network congestion. Here's a good way to visually see gas prices given current network congestion. We have seen gas prices to mint as low as $35 and as hight as $180. Keep in mind there is always an option to click EDIT in the MetaMask window and choose "slow" option. It will take a little longer, but will cost less.

4) Click Create on the top panel. Ensure your image, GIF, or MP4 is under the 100MB file limit and follow the instructions to upload.

You'll have the option to choose quantity, which will generate an ERC-721 token for 1/1s and ERC-1155 (editions) for anything with a quantity greater than 1. If you set the counter higher than 1, it will automatically switch between the corresponding contracts and you'll be able to sell multiples.

Note: the drag-and-drop area is for images (jpg/gif) or mp4 videos. While a zip file can technically be uploaded, the file cannot be minted as an NFT. The concept is that the artwork is embedded into a token (NFT - non-fungible token), so a file would not present such an option.

5) Upload your creation, add a title and description, and click "Submit my creation." A window will appear to confirm the minting of your NFT.

6) Next, head to My Collection and approve your address to sell tokens – this is a one time fee to allow the sale of your NFTs on a decentralized exchange.

7) After that, you'll find your NFT with a button List for Sale. Set your price and pay the Ethereum network fees. Click the checkbox in the popup if you would like to accept Portion token ($PRT) in addition to ETH as payment for your NFT.

That’s it- you minted an NFT on Portion.io!


Can I mint NFTs on mobile?

While Portion does work on mobile, the process is a bit more complicated due to the nature of MetaMask (and other mobile wallets) sitting separately from the browser. Right now, we always encourage using desktop to mint your NFTs.

How do I change my username?

To change your artist name: Click on the hamburger drop down on the upper right and then click Profile. Edit your username and save changes.

Why can't I make changes to my NFT after I mint it?

Once you have minted your NFT, it is part of the immutable Ethereum blockchain forever. All transactions recorded on a blockchain are irreversible, making Ethereum extremely secure and difficult to tamper with. If you need to make changes to your NFT, you can "burn" the token (aka permanently destroy it). To avoid the need to burn an NFT, be as careful as possible throughout the minting process.

How can I move my work into different categories?

All new NFTs will automatically be sorted into the Digital Art category. While we will have sorting options in our next iteration of the Portion platform, you can always reach out to us if you'd like us to place your art in an additional category (i.e. Photography).

Can I sell physical artwork on Portion?

For physical artwork, we partner with artists, galleries or artist management teams to establish logistics for delivering physical pieces to buyers and to ensure authenticity of artwork. If you'd like to include a physical piece with your NFT, include those details in the description. Sellers are responsible for shipping.

Note: Portion is a decentralized auction house with a focus on user privacy. We don't require buyers to give us their email, so only if the collector provided it will you be able to access it. However, usually when artists specify that they are including a physical artwork, the buyer will include their email or find a way to get in touch with the artist after the sale to claim it. We're working on a way make this process more seamless in our coming iterations.

Why does the connecting to wallet window appear and not seem to go away when using MetaMask?

This typically means you used insufficient amounts of gas for the minting process. In general, using several dollars less than the average transaction can change the time from several minutes to several hours! If something went wrong technically on our end, we will reimburse the failed transaction amount to your wallet.

Are my Portion NFTs stored on an internal wallet or external wallet?

Portion is a non-custodial NFT platform. It’s all your wallet and there are many options from Metamask to Walletconnect.

How are files stored?

All images and videos are uploaded to IPFS, which is a distributed file system, widely used in the digital art community. That comes at no cost to you. Minting expenses (gas fees) are only there to cover the creation of a token (verification by the distributed network).

Does Portion offer royalties?

Portion takes 0% of the sales price from artists, and offers 11% royalties on ALL sales in secondary markets. We distribute royalties to artists wherever their piece sells in a secondary market.

Is Portion an open or curated marketplace?

Portion is a unique NFT platform because it bridges curation with an open marketplace. Portion’s Curated Auctions source works from iconoclastic artists from across the media landscape, while Open Auctions empower the Portion community to champion new artists and formats.

How do I add $PRT to my MetaMask wallet?

Open your MetaMask wallet and scroll down to the button that says "Add Token." Type in the token contract address 0x6d0f5149c502faf215c89ab306ec3e50b15e2892 and the token symbol PRT and click "Next." The $PRT token is now added to your wallet and any existing available balance will appear.

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