If you have collected all 6 unique Pixel Monsters from the Crypto King$ (Philipp Plein X Antoni Tudisco) Monster Gang Collection, here are your next steps...


In order to qualify for a 3D Lil Monster, you must burn 6 unique Pixel Monsters. After burning, within 48hrs of submitting your burn request in our Portion discord, we will airdrop you one randomized 3D Monster NFT.

Step 1

Purchase 1 of each of the 6 Pixel Lil Monster NFTs.

Note: You must own ONE OF EACH OF THE 6 UNIQUE NFTs: 1 Lil Diablo, 1 Lil Boo, 1 Lil Sharky, 1 Lil Godzilla, 1 Lil $kully, 1 Lil Cyclops!

Step 2

Burn each of the 6 Pixel Lil Monster NFTs.

Instructions on How to Burn are laid out in this blog - https://blog.portion.io/introducing-nft-transfers/amp/

Step 3

Submit your wallet address showing the 6 burn transactions completed. This can be done in our Portion #🔥|cryptokings-burn-submit discord channel.

Step 4

We will verify that you have burned all 6 unique Pixel Lil Monster NFTs.

After verification, we will airdrop you 1 randomized 3D Lil Monster NFT to the same address that initiated the burn.

Note: The address that initiated the Burn will be the address that receives the 3D Lil Monster NFT – no exceptions. This ensures that the owner of the wallet that created the burn will receive the NFT reward.

The 3D Lil Monsters received will always be randomized after each Burn.

Step 5

A collector can repeat steps 1-4 until they have acquired all 6 unique 3D Monster NFTs. The 3D Monster NFTs are randomly airdropped, thus, there is a chance you will receive the same 3D Monster NFT character more than once.

Note: We recommend searching for available secondary listings on Portion.io or OpenSea if you are looking for a specific 3D monster character.

Step 6

Once you have obtained all 6 unique 3D Monster NFTs (must have one of each), you can burn each of them in order to redeem a mid-sized physical monster sculpture of your choosing while supplies last.

Note: These mid-sized physical structures are limited in supply and are valued at $20,000.

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