Portion is running a giveaway with NIMANY for 2 lucky collectors to win a NIMANY CLUB Watch NFT!

NIMANY CLUB is a collection of 1810 UNIQUE NFT WATCHES that will drop in April 2022. A Project by Nima Behnoud, former creative director of Jacob & Co. Watches & Artistic Director of Tourneau Watches. Nima uses 15 years of design experience in the watch industry to create a unique collection of NFTs. Every NFT digital watch purchase effectively buys entry into the exclusive NIMANY CLUB. Those who hold onto their watch in the digital format will enjoy exclusive first access to merchandise drops.


Steps to Enter:

Fill out this form to enter and win a unique NIMANY CLUB Watch, the industry’s first-ever twin pairing of a NFT and luxury physical asset! We will be raffling 2 NIMANY CLUB NFT Watches for visitors from the Decentraland fashion event!

You can also enter to win one of 8 more NIMANY CLUB Watch NFTs that will be given away to members of Portion’s $PRT Club!

Don’t miss the exclusive benefits, raffles, airdrops, and more by joining the PRT Club in our discord. All it takes is 10k $PRT tokens (app. $100 USD)!

Buy $PRT Tokens here: https://info.uniswap.org/#/tokens/0x6d0f5149c502faf215c89ab306ec3e50b15e2892

Meet the Designer: Nima Behnoud - NIMANY

Iranian fashion designer, Nima Behnoud and friends engaged in experimental garment alteration which became emblematic of the youthful underground scene in Tehran in the ‘80s. Today the same hunger and fascination has turned into an organized clothing line — NIMANY — Now their dream is to use their brand to share their magical teenage years in Tehran and connect a new generation with their heritage and history. NIMANY tells the story of their culture through fashion and aims to cultivate style for both daily life and the metaverse.

Learn more about Nima and his brand, NIMANY, in our previous blog!

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