Thus far, Portion has implemented 500 $PRT rewards for collectors for every piece they purchase on our platform. For the month of June, we are elevating these collector rewards even more...

Portion will be offering all collectors an incentive to receive 50% of their NFT purchase price back on any curated NFT they purchase on Portion!

How the Collector Incentive Will Work

β†’ Reimbursements will be made in $PRT at the end of the month

β†’ Maximum $30,000 USD will be issued in total reimbursements for the month

β†’ Incentive rewards are offered First Come First Serve

To continue expanding and prospering, our marketplace requires a healthy balance of supply and demand. Collectors play an important role in Portion’s community, giving significant financial support and supporting the artistic output of our whole ecosystem. We believe the incentive will help the art market thrive by motivating collectors to purchase the incredible work on Portion, resulting in higher value flows back to the artists and rewarding reimbursements for the collectors.

Cheers and happy collecting,

Portion Team πŸ‘‘

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