Portion aims to foster relationships between incredible artists, creatives, and a new wave of collectors and patrons. To do this, we need safeguards to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of creator profiles across our platform. Our dedicated network involving accredited appraisers and authenticators continues to regularly check for accounts to verify to keep our users safe. A green checkmark on an account means that it has been verified by Portion.

Users can request verification by clicking Get Verified in the menu and providing the requested information or by filling out this form. Verification is determined by a number of criteria and may take 1-4 weeks to review.

Once verified, you will receive an airdrop of the Portion Verified Creator Medallion. You can then go to Portion's Discord and type !join in any channel. Verify ownership with the message from Collab.Land in your Discord DM, and you will be added to Portion's Verified Creator Community!

Going forward, all creators on Portion will continue to receive 500 $PRT rewards for every NFT minted on Portion using the Ethereum network. Verified creators will additionally earn 500 $PRT and Palm rewards when minting on Portion using the Palm network. These rewards are distributed every other Sunday.

Artists who were previously verified on Portion will receive an airdrop of this limited medallion! Ownership of this NFT serves as a badge of honor, grants you exclusive access into the Verified Creator Discord channel, makes you eligible for additional rewards for participating on the Portion platform, and more to come.


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