Portion has been at the forefront of art and blockchain since 2016, and the platform continues to iterate with currents in NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. We are working towards establishing a global presence for digital assets in art, music, and collectibles. As we usher in the next iteration of our V3 upgrade, Portion is coming to resemble what we have always envisioned: a beautiful platform for artists and collectors to transact and prosper. Our new interface elevates our auction house up to the Portion standard, makes it significantly easier for anybody to interact on the platform, and will usher in broader adoption for Portion.

  • New Gallery View
  • Enhanced Filters and Sorting Options: You can now filter by Artists, Categories, and Collections
  • Artist Search Functionality
  • Seamless Self-Serve Artwork Categorization on the Create Page
  • Faster Load Times, Enhanced Thumbnails, Larger Displays, and Infinite Scroll

We will continue to upgrade this page with additional sorting options and more filters. Additionally, in our next rollout, users will be able to create their own Collections.

As always, we welcome user feedback on which option you think would be most useful to you. We continuously listen, optimizing what we believe is the best route to continue our expansion into multiple facets of the industry, while discarding aspects that are not working. Portion continues to deeply integrate community into the development of our platform, with our ultimate goal to reinvent and empower patronage for the digital age. If ever you have a proposal, you can submit it to the Portion DAO and initiate voting for it, or drop us a message in the #feedback channel of our Discord.

While the Portion mission has been intertwined with Ethereum and decentralized networks since inception, our core mission is to connect access and value for artists and creators all over the world. Thank you to all for riding this wave with us. Good things are happening.

Portion Team 👑

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