To kick off Miami Art Week and Art Basel, MODA and Portion will showcase established and underrepresented digital artists as part of a projected gallery on the facade of the Flagler Building.

Flagler Street Art Festival

The Flagler Street Art Festival will take place from November 30th through December 5th. The MODA x Portion exhibit will take place on the Flagler First Building at 17 E Flagler St #219, Miami, FL 33131.

This show is an homage to old guerrilla style projection mapping on city buildings, often illegal but always temporary. Otherwise called projection bombing, the process often included jerry rigging a projector to the roof of a car with power from a generator or a city street light. Unlike traditional graffiti, if you’re not driving by at a particular time of night, you might never see it.

Only visible at night, the show will rotate a series of artists who have dedicated their careers towards pioneering digital mediums and art forms. These artists will be showcasing for the first time at Art Basel and many of their works will be available for sale as NFTs on Portion.

Nate Mohler, Ryan Koopmans, Ondrej Zunka, Jonathan Zawada, Samuel Jerome Mason, Ada Sokol, Etienne Jacobs, Marcel Van Luit, Christian Whiticar, TOHI x Antoni Tudisco, Beryl Bellici, Good Boy William, Sam Cannon, Bloo Woods.

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If you're in Miami, go check out the exhibit! Post a photo of it and tag @portionapp and and we'll select a winner to receive $150 in $PRT and a Portion Jacket NFT by nes100pro!

Curated by: Nate Mohler /

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