nes100pro is a 3D-Generalist/Westcoastcustoms NFT Creator based in Switzerland and an artist within the Team Black Cat collective.

"My work is an exact mirror of my daily being and is influenced and inspired by art and my surroundings. I take my daily emotions and experiences and put it into my art composition to share my feelings with myself. I get visions and start building them into an artwork or animation. Research and testing can be a pain but I so enjoy the end-result and sharing that with my teammates and community. My art makes a lot of people happy and motivates others to create art and thats something I really love."

Hey! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your work? When did you get started creating art, and how has your style evolved over time?

I was born in Bosnia 1992 and went to Switzerland after war 95 where I live now. I did a lot of music in my youth and had no money for video clips so I searched for a way to create them myself and found Blender3D. Today I work for the biggest music companies and brands, creating Visualizer for Youtube (or any social media platform), a Virtual Museum for Nike, to a NFT Collection with WestCoastCustoms, and a lot more.

Nes100pro, Team Black Cat 

You’re the founder of the global creative collective Team Black Cat. What is Team Black Cat? Where did the name come from, and how do you find the talented creators in the network?

TeamBlackCat is a free Creative Collective. We are a little family with over 30 members sharing our experience, motivating each other and helping out on problems with any Application or even sharing jobs. The list is endless of benefits. You have to understand as an Artist you are the time alone in front of your PC, I had a lot of 3D friends in social media and after a while the idea came up to create a Chatgroup with Artists to keep more in Contact and maybe working on some projects together. While my only contact was my cat (pretty much the same as me, the whole day alone and doing her thing), my chat group needed a name I thought it would be nice to name the group TeamBlackCat – and that's how it was born.

How does working in a collective help you to further develop your creative practice? What opportunities does the NFT space offer for collectives like TBC?

Working with all these amazing artists is a boost. First of all everybody shares their knowledge with you if you need any help and second it's always a motivation to show your newest work and seeing the mind-blowing work from the others inspires and challenges you. Sadly the NFT space doesn't offer too much for the Collective Groups like ours, it's just not that friendly. We had luck KnownOrigin created for us the first Collective page and it's a huge help because a lot of collectors saw us all next to each other. That's amazing.

nes100pro x Cinetica Studio

What is How about 100% love? Any other projects worthy of a mention?

Well there was no way for me to work in a 3D company. There is no small company in Switzerland and the big studios are looking for a lot of years of experience. I had luck that I could create with some of my good friends who did Video Editing for the company NextHype GmbH. Started with small graphic work and today I'm a full-time 3D Artist so if you need any animation, you know where to go – its Next Hype. Since I love fashion I started my own small brand named 100%love. It's nothing big right now – I just created a supporter shirt but will do more in future for sure. I'm working on my first big NFT Collection Ronas Hand. There will be a lot of different Hands as 1/1 editions with a small start price don't miss!

Cyborg Rona in Season 1

What is digital fashion, and how do you think it will be integrated into society in the future?

Love this question! Well just imagine that already a lot people are buying online their clothes, it's just a question of time and they gonna walk through virtual rooms like mine for Nike ( walking around watching it in 3D before they buy it and in future maybe checking the newest clothing on their Avatars.

What are some of your observations about the emerging behaviors in the digital fashion space and what do you see as next opportunities for this industry? How do NFTs change things?

I see that the fashion industry is gonna profit from it. Right now there is too much waste in everything the clothing could have more worth if they would be smaller series. There is also so much potential with NFTs – for example, after 20 years you could see that a piece was a limited edition from 2001 or whatever. Maybe then people wouldn't waste that much clothing if they knew it could have more value later because there was no reproduction of it. It's rare. NFTs change the game a lot, especially for me as an artist. Normally I sell a product and I have no benefits from the use of it when the client sells or prints it or whatever they do. With NFTs there is a way for me to sell my art and still profit over years even if it gets sold after 30 years.

"Bitcoin" Jacket

How did you find your way into the crypto/NFT space? Do you have any tips for newcomers to the space?

I found my way through social media earlier this year. The only tip I can give is to build a community around your NFTs and use Instagram and Twitter. It's a good place for NFTs.

What tools and software do you use? How long does it take you to craft a piece? Do you start with a clear vision, or does a piece take shape as you work?

I use a lot of different tools depending on what results I need. Blender 3D and Cinema4D are general workstations which I use for all kinds of work. Marvelous Designer is specially for clothing, Embergen for smoke simulations, Unreal engine 5 for interactive and virtual rooms and more.

I start with a clear vision or a vision from the client and the piece always changes shapes if it feels right or needs to be.

Lastly, how does your creative approach when creating your own artwork differ from your approach when you are working on projects commissioned by clients?

My own work is always a mix of my vision and my daily feelings so I'm totally free in creating and switching decisions. Commission work has always a straight path. There is also a lot of creative freedom but in a different way you need to pitch the idea to get accepted otherwise you just have to finish the job to make the client happy.

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