Meet the Designer: Nima Behnoud - NIMANY

Iranian fashion designer, Nima Behnoud and friends engaged in experimental garment alteration which became emblematic of the youthful underground scene in Tehran in the ‘80s. Today the same hunger and fascination has turned into an organized clothing line — NIMANY — Now their dream is to use their brand to share their magical teenage years in Tehran and connect a new generation with their heritage and history. NIMANY tells the story of their culture through fashion and aims to cultivate style for both daily life and the metaverse. In this interview, we chat with Nima Behnoud to learn more about the NIMANY brand, what excites him about the growing world of digital fashion, and his upcoming NFT drop on Portion...

Hey Nima! Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about NIMANY? What's the story behind the brand? How does the brand and style tie into your identity?

My name is Nima Behnoud, Creative Director and Founder of NIMANY. The brand's DNA is reimagining the classical and ancient art in this case Middle Eastern Ancient art into a trendy and contemporary format that competes with International Fashion Standards. The brand aims to reconnect the new generation to their past history in a cool and contemporary way. We make products that are up to par with the latest trends in New York, Milan and Paris but we infuse Ancient Classical Art into it to make its DNA and heritage strong.

Nima Behnoud, NIMANY

When did you get involved in the NFT space?

I released some of my personal studio art paintings, not related to the brand in March of 2021, the pieces were well received. I would love to see more fashion in the NFT landscape and I hope this can be a good start.

Digital fashion is reaching a wider audience, and just over the last year we have both seen and heard a lot more about the subject. What possibilities do you see for digital fashion, and how do you think it can change and challenge or uplift the more traditional aspect of the fashion industry?

We have been keeping NIMANY and the team up to date with the latest development on the Metaverse and Digital Fashion, we are a strong believer of the marriage of Technology and Fashion. Fashion and Technology have been flirting for a very long time, desperately seeking a right moment to complement each other and give birth to a stylish product that has utility. We think we are right at that very moment. A breaking point in the history of fashion.

What led you to start to work with digital garments and designs? What messages are you trying to express with your style? How do you want your audience to interact with and interpret your designs?

We want to send a message that we embrace technology, we love it and we implement it in every possible way we can. Future will belong to those who can adapt themselves to the technology. We want our audience to be able to enjoy the same handbag or accessory in a very different and new way. A sensation that they haven't enjoyed before.

The NIMANY Clutch

Please tell us about The NIMANY Clutch that is dropping on Portion. What makes this piece special? What was the inspiration behind this creative process?

This clutch is our most popular product. Just like now it becomes sold out very quickly and no matter how many we make we are still back ordered. We have been working hard on introducing this item into the metaverse as NIMANY's first product. The art that has been drawn on the leather body of this clutch comes from 16th century ancient book of kings. An epic battle book that reads just like Game of Thrones. But the oversized contemporary hardware knuckle comes from today's fashion developments and research. The result is a unique, one of a kind aesthetic that is rare to find and that is the reason for this clutch to be always sold out.

The NIMANY Clutch will be a limited edition drop on Portion (edition of 20)!  We want our audience to be able to enjoy this experience and freely show it off to the world even easier than the physical item.

What tools and software do you use? How long does it take you to craft a piece? How do your pieces typically take shape as you work?

We have used Cinema 4D, Blender, Final Cut Pro and color grading softwares. It may look simple but we have been going back and forth for a very long time to make sure the 3D version looks identical to the real item and we are thrilled with the result.

Get ready for NIMANY's Exclusive Portion NFT Drop on Thursday, October 7th!

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