We are excited to share the story behind an exciting new artist collaboration on Portion between I am Aisha and Sall Sisozo. The duo is pairing up to release an NFT on Portion, which will make history as the first of many – the first female music artist in the Netherlands to release an NFT; the first ever Golden Award to be turned into an NFT; and the first time collectors on Portion can get their hands on a special piece of Dutch history.

I Am Aisha is a Dutch hip-hop artist. Her biggest hit 'Zulke Dingen Doe Je' earned her her first platinum record in 2016. The accompanying video clip has been viewed over 16 million times. Aisha comes from a musical family. Her mother, Jetty Weels, sang in Mai Tai, a well known disco formation from the 80s. Aisha has several hits to her name for which she received both Gold and Platinum records. Aisha has worked with big Dutch names such as Ronnie Flex, Jebroer, Boef, Ali B, Dio, Firstman, among many others. Aisha is the first female to have won a Golden and Platinum award in the Hip Hop/ Urban genre in the Netherlands and now she is the first female music artist in the Netherlands to release an NFT!

Sall Patel, or "Sall Sisozo," is a NFT artist from India. There exists a parallel world inside her mind which she expresses though her 3D art and she loves putting her wavering thoughts into her art. Sall is on a journey to find herself a niche as an artist and to find people that resonate with the world inside her mind.

Check out the interview below with Aisha, where she shares the story behind the NFT, how she celebrates womanhood and personal growth in her art, and what it means to be able to share this piece of Dutch history with the NFT community.

Can you tell us about the piece that you’ve created for this drop? What’s the story behind it?

This drop is very special to me, because it is my first golden plaque ever, so it’s my first tangible reward and recognition for my art. The women before me in my country hip-hop paved the way so I could achieve this award. This is the first Golden plaque by a female hip hop artist in my country, the Netherlands. Therefore it’s automatically a piece of Dutch history. I am very honored to be able to offer the NFT community a digital version of it.

Why did you choose this piece as the first piece to mint? Why is it important to you that it is here as an NFT?

For me it is important to mint this piece of art so that it can exist forever. It only made sense to me to do this since it is the first Golden Award, it should be the first digital one also. I like trailblazing and with this piece I will be the first female musician in my country to launch an NFT.

Whats the symbolism of the wired arm and hand holding the gun hovering over the map?

The wired arm and hand with the gun is basically from the original award where I am posing like that for the picture. We re-created that picture in 3D art form. The fact that the gun is pointing my way is because I am my own competition and that goes for everybody in the world. Kill your ego and watch yourself grow beyond your imagination.

I Am Aisha - 'Zulke Dingen Doe Je'

Can you talk to me a little bit more about the original song and how you translated the award you won for it it into visual art?

This song was my breakthrough song. The original song  is about keeping it real and not faking it for other people. Like don’t go out in all designer while you haven’t paid your rent yet. Ha ha. It landed me more than 15 million views on YouTube in a country with only 18 million people. It has more than 11 million streams on Spotify. This is the song that put me on the map. That’s why it’s the first Golden Award by a female hip hop artist. The original song is not attached to this NFT art. The song was released in 2015 under and major record label. Therefore I chose to not attach the music to this, but to let the artwork speak for itself. My next drop will be a collection with exclusive unreleased music attached to it.

What opportunities do you think NFTs present for musicians? What is the most interesting aspect of an NFT for you?

It’s so refreshing – it’s a whole new perspective of art. And I think that Tory Lanez is a great example of how you can be successful in the NFT space as a musician.

The fact that musicians can now own their own masters and royalties is huge. Even after selling a piece, the artist and collector continue to be able to profit from it. So it’s a win-win situation. It is definitely an evolution for music artists because it took the part of ownership to a whole new level. It creates more freedom and security for our future as artists.

How did you start working with Sall Sisozo as a collaborator?

I discovered Sall Sisozo on social media. I sent her a DM and we started talking and decided to work together. She is a very talented girl from India and I am happy that I met her. I think she embodied my vision for this art perfectly.  When we first started talking I didn’t even know that she was a girl. Up until our first voice note conversation I was like, yes another female. I am all about women empowerment. So basically a girl from the Netherlands link up with a dope girl from India through social media. And together they are going to shake the NFT space coming September 11th.

I Am Aisha (left); Sall Sisozo (right)

When did you start your career as a musician? How did you discover your own voice as a musician?

I started my music career in 2010. I released my first mixtape and everything was really organic. Instagram didn’t even exist yet. Spotify didn’t even exist yet. There weren’t many women in my country doing this. So I was really driven and focused trying to make a points that it’s not just a man’s world. It was really difficult but I never had a Plan B. And it wasn’t until 2016 that I was able to live off of my art. Instead of writing about my heartbreak in my songs, I tried to write uplifting lyrics. Like girl you don’t need your ex boyfriend, you don’t need those headaches. LOL. And basically the message is more like follow your dreams, go for it, and don’t let anything hold you back.

What does it mean to you to share this piece of Dutch history as an NFT? Who do you hope it will inspire?

It means the world to me to be able to share this piece of Dutch history. It almost feels like a birth. Especially in these crazy times with Covid where we cannot perform and our industry has taken a huge blow. And my heart is also with other industries that have been hit in this pandemic. I hope to inspire everybody who is afraid to do something new and different, but especially I hope to inspire more women. I would like to thank Sall Sisozo for creating this with me and I would like to thank Portion for partnering up with me on this journey. I would like to thank my partner for always being so supportive of my dreams even though we didn’t know much about the NFT space he kept on encouraging me to go for it.

Check out I am Aisha x Sall Sisozo's Exclusive Portion NFT Drop

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