Previously we introduced our first iteration of collector rewards – Earn 500 $PRT for every piece you collect on Portion. So far that has been a tremendous success and has yielded massive support from the community. Now, we are adding new rewards for collectors of select curated drops.

Now, when you purchase an NFT from a curated drop, you will automatically begin mining 1,000 $PRT every month. If you sell this NFT, the new holder will begin earning these rewards. We will take a snapshot the day before distribution day to determine who the current holders of those NFTs are. There is no need to do anything other than hold the NFT in your wallet!

In pursuit of new heights

The Portion team is constantly branching out in an attempt to bring the highest tier of talent to our platform. Our quest for international talent has led us to the unveiling of one of the most promising collaborations we have had in recent times. As a result, we are happy to introduce...


Dropping exclusively on Portion on October 15th at 4:20PM EST, this is a collection of 10 NFTs , each coming with an edition of 10.

This will represent your first opportunity to participate in our new novel form of yield farming that we are unveiling. The objective is to continuously bring intrinsic value to the platform and cement the relationship between platform abundance and direct benefit to our users.


ON TOP OF ALL THIS, we will be rewarding $100 in $PRT to the first 100 users who bridge WETH or PRT over to the Palm network in preparation for Friday's Wiz Khalfia x Antoni Tudisco Drop. This is to encourage collectors to get their crypto over to Palm for the drop and to help mitigate bridging gas costs. For a guide on how to do this, see here.

If you have any questions along the way or need support, please join our Discord.

👑 Portion Collector Rewards, In Summary 👑

→ Collectors earn 500 $PRT every time they purchase a NFT on Portion, distributed every other Sunday.

→ Collectors automatically mine 1,000 $PRT every month when they are holding a select Portion curated drop in their wallet (ex: Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFT)

→ The first 100 users to bridge a minimum of $2,500 in WETH or PRT over to Palm will receive $300 in $PRT

We are content that this will help our community flourish by further incentivizing collectors to purchase drops on Portion’s primary and secondary markets, creating greater value flows back to artists. By rewarding users for their participation in the form of holding precious NFTs, Portion is moving in the direction of bonus rewards that have a purpose. In the future, more nuanced forms of yield farming can exist with various multipliers depending on the scarcity of the drop.

Cheers and happy collecting,

Team Portion 👑

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