Trancending Physical: What Does Fashion Look Like in a Digital Age?

We are moving into an era where physical boundaries and constraints have been shattered by the possibility of the metaverse. With more time spent online, it’s only natural that our virtual personas take centre stage and get as much, if not more, attention as our real-life selves. We seem to have been separated from our physical beings, and as long as we are behind a screen, we are free to make ourselves into what we want.

This concept becomes even more evident when being presented with fully digital garments that surpass the idea of the body. Fashion, costumes, and clothes can now take any possible shape or form. The only aspect that is hindering us is our imagination. Fluid material can fall in any direction we wish, and the static ones take on shapes that allow for a more flowing approach. And though, in some aspects, fashion has always been wearable art, this idea can now be pushed to its utter limits and the boundaries can be explored to its full extent.

With the artworks and fashion designs included in Portion’s exhibition, we seek to explore what wearable art and digital fashion look like in the metaverse. In posing questions and ideas around fluidity and constraint, fashion and art, sustainability and innovation, we invite the viewers to think of what it means to move into this new era of art and fashion.

Do we still think about fashion designs as simply something we only wear or does it become wearable art that is not hindered by physical realm, and as result can take on any shape we might wish for?

When there are no limitations, how do we define and interact fashion designs, artworks and concepts that previously have been defined by its physical limitations?

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Meet the Featured Artists​​

The Fabricant

The Fabricant is the world’s first digital-only fashion house. Its' community of creators combines 3-D fashion design, cutting-edge visual effects animation, and technology to build the future of fashion. Their bespoke designs garments only exist digitally and collectors' avatars can "wear" the items on social media platforms, in gaming environments, and in virtual worlds ("the metaverse").

Alexey Severin

Alexey Severin aka Inverse is an Italy-based Russian Digital Artist working in various digital media: AR&VR, animation, 3d sculpture. Personal work exhibited at Paris and New York editions of Digital Art Month 2021, Ars Electronica 2021, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2020, BAIFFF 2020. AR work was featured on Lens Studio official website and appeared in The Verge, Mashable and other media. Long-term collaborator of Recycle Group powering digital aspects of their projects including 57th Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou pirate exhibition and their entry in Louis200 initiative for Louis Vuitton. Strives to blur lines between physical and digital realities, believing in a non-dystopian digital future.

Meggie van Zwieten

Meggie van Zwieten is a digital artist from the Netherlands. Her work revolves around escaping into illusory digital environments. The strong feeling of alienation drives her to find alleviation in digital surroundings. By working multidisciplinary she tries to build a welcoming digital environment, to bring individuals closer to this world in order to be able to experience it for all its positive possibilities and potential. And hereby also aiming to use digital means to create awareness around sustainability and equality. As an artist she wants to create an accessible environment in which one can find relief, beauty and escape. With her creations she strives to generate astonishment that cares for curiosity, leading to an urge to further explore the digital environment.


Eugene Golovanchuk, also known as Skeeva, began his career as a self-taught Art Director and Digital 3d Artist with a life enveloped in 3D dark-art surrealism, captivating in its cyberpunk flare. He combines a multitude of tools, shapes and colors to cultivate visual delicacies that lead to the invention of his own unique stylistic stamp within the digital art world.Eugene specializes in Digital Fashion, developing artist-owned concepts and recreating real world outfits digitally for global fashion labels. His work is highly sought after with a client list including the likes of Apple, Adidas, Adobe, SpaceX, SEGA and Playstation.


nes100pro is a 3D-Generalist/Westcoastcustoms NFT Creator based in Switzerland. He is an artist within the Team Black Cat collective.

"My work is an exact mirror of my daily being and is influenced and inspired by art and my surroundings. I take my daily emotions and experiences and put it into my art composition to share my feelings with myself. I get visions and start building them into an artwork or animation. Research and testing can be a pain but I so enjoy the end-result and sharing that with my teammates and community. My art makes a lot of people happy and motivates others to create art and thats something I really love."

Simon Voelkl

Simon Voelkl is a Munich based Motion Designer and 3D Generalist with a degree in media technology (B.Eng). He focuses on 3D visualization and 2D/3D animation within the digital fashion realm. Simon has a long list of software techniques he has accumulated over the years including Cinema 4D, Adobe CC, Vray, Octane, Redshift, Marvelous Designer and CLO 3D.

The Black Lab Studio

Amin Farah is an Italian 3D artist, AD, and founder of THEBLACKLAB with a degree in product design and a master in design management at the Poliarte design academy of Ancona, Italy. He's very passionate about 3D art and is specialized in the 3D digital fashion field working with many Italian brands. His goal is to translate the entire fashion experience in the 3D world relying on continuous research and development derived from his immense passion for 3d art.

Technological Hippie

Technological Hippie is a 2D/3D/AR/VR/XR creator from Mexico, Founder of KCO digital fashion and NFTs House. Co-founder of VEF Studio (XR experiences). He started exploring digital fashion in 2019 and released his first piece which was a sweater like garment with the phrase "Go Virtual, Go Green.'. This is how he entered the industry. He was looking to make a statement about environmental and social issues, since the idea of wearing digital clothes was to make people aware of the women and children that were (and still are) exploited in the fast fashion industry, and of course the pollution generated by the process of these big companies.

Andy Rolfes​​

Andy Rolfes is an artist, photographer and associate director based in Brooklyn, New York. Obsessed with fashion and figure, his personal work often revolves around personhood, crowds, and romanticized fantasy intermingled with everyday life. Past clients include: Nike, Versace, SSENSE, Nicopanda, Two Hustlers, KAIMIN, Landlord, Axel Arigato, Cartier, Interscope Records, OWSLA, Awful Records, Super Deluxe, Adult Swim, Meow Wolf, Global Fashion News, IMPRESSION Magazine, MOLD Magazine, and Novembre Magazine.

Virtual Rags

Virtual Rags is a Digital Fashion Studio that specialises in 3D modelling, digital design and AR technologies. If brands are looking for high-tech and sustainable business solutions, their studio is the place to explore a whole new virtual reality.

Their mission is helping to build runways between physical clothing with its limited reality, and law-breaking digital concepts by means of 3D visualization, motion design and creation of graphic environments where fabrics and styles play the leading roles. They bring tech, fashion and art into one, finding love for each other and binding as a whole.

John Wright

John Wright is a photographic artist, studio owner, taoist, buddhist, and stoic who seeks to communicate philosophical theory through conceptual photography. He left behind a long established commercial portrait and fashion career to focus on creating work, where he now holds a permanent collection in London, at The National Portrait Gallery.

Catherine Rodriguez, aka "Catherinetheworst"

Catherine Rodriguez, aka "Catherinetheworst" is a recent graduate from Academy of Art University. She is a Digital Fashion Designer who is at the intersection of the Digital, Fashion, and Magick world. She started using themes in occultism + spirituality for inspiration as an excuse to explore them. In her senior year at Academy of Art University, she took a CLO3D class and she's only designed digitally ever since, creating her thesis both digitally and in physical form.

With the belief that the future of fashion is digital, she spends her free time in Digital Fashion Clubhouse and Discord groups. Expanding her skills beyond CLO3D and into Blender, Substance, Crypto, etc. She's excited for the future in which every fashion house will have a Digital Fashion Designer as a part of their team.

Romain Gauthier

Coming from a Graphic Design and Animation background, Romain Gauthier is a queer Visual Artist based in Paris. He directs and creates visual pieces focusing on people and identity. His work is an exploration of digital fashion, he specialises in making garments and headpieces that humans can actually wear in the metaverse world creating a hybrid digital persona. Merging drama flesh and pixels.

Michelle Cortese

Michelle Cortese (“she/her”) is a virtual and augmented reality designer, artist and author whose work focuses on building more empowering and equitable virtual realities through design systems and frameworks. She's currently designing AR/VR/XR @ Facebook Reality Labs and teaching ethical VR design @ NYU.

Previously, she worked at Refinery29 and The New York Times' Fake Love; exhibited at CES, Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW, Sundance Film Festival; and has co-authored design research published by Bloomsbury Visual Arts, Facebook Research and more. She cares about: design ethics, social VR, hedonistic ergonomics, virtual identity, hardware up-cycling, dada-futurism, and you.

Soledad Gallardo (Burbush)

Soledad Gallardo is a fashion designer, pattern maker and 3D creator. She is passionate about experimenting with new textures, materials, and volumes, both physically and digitally. She believe that the pieces created, apart from being useful and beautiful, must have a background, a social and environmental commitment and have a story to tell.

During the last few years Soledad has worked in several Ateliers in Spain, learning and enjoying textile crafts and obtaining my own artisan accreditation granted by the Galician Public Foundation of Artisans.

Her concerns about sustainability led me to enter the field of “digital crafts” as Burbush and at this moment she is exclusively dedicated to this new creation in my life. Soledad helps companies reduce their carbon footprint and optimize their collection generation process. Her hope is to contribute her small grain of sand to achieve a more sustainable and therefore better future for all of us who live on this planet.

Anthony Rosati aka Thedholes

Anthony Rosati, better known as “thedholes,” graduated in Milan (Italy) as Media Designer, He started to focus on his artistic career in 2015 as Motion Designer. From the very beginning, he focused on channeling his talent and creativity into meaningful and powerful results. Anthony takes pride in the work he does, as well as the strong relationships he has built with clients and colleagues. Today, he is recognized as the 3D artist with purple glossy eyes who firmly believes in working hard, working together and having fun along the way.


Morad Enayet or “Hypertek,” is an innovative and effective multimedia developer with extensive experience in animation and 3D modeling. He has proven to be an expert with Blender and Cinema 4d, with over 5 years of experience using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Studio Willem Stapel

Studio Willem Stapel is a creative studio for CGI, art direction, and everything in between. Through digital media the studio strives to create unexpected beauty, storytelling, immersive experiences and more.

Past clients include Vogue Singapore, Adidas, Karl Lagerfeld, HYPEBEAST, Dior, Vlisco, Zalando, ELLE NL, TELE2, Paper Magazine, Knab Bank, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Bryan Huynh, Sabine Marcelis, MAISON the FAUX, Glamcult.


Iranian fashion designer, Nima Behnoud and friends engaged in experimental garment alteration which became emblematic of the youthful underground scene in Tehran in the ‘80s. Today the same hunger and fascination has turned into an organized clothing line — NIMANY — Now their dream is to use their brand to share their magical teenage years in Tehran and connect a new generation with their heritage and history. NIMANY tells the story of their culture through fashion and aims to cultivate style for both daily life and the metaverse.

Karina Ochoa - INFINITO Project

Originally from Colombia, Karina Ochoa moved to NYC 7 years ago to pursue a career in digital fashion. She has been working on digital transformation, helping fashion brands and companies implement technology with the goal of building a more sustainable, efficient, and fair industry. Convinced that the future of fashion is digital, Karina created the Infinito project to translate the process to Spanish to advance the digital transformation in Latin America while representing her traditions and culture in the digital space. She is immersing herself in the digital creator community and recently minted a sequence of her fashion film as NFTs on Portion.

Filippo Ghisleri

Filippo Ghisleri is a Brazilian Art Director and Digital Artist based in Italy, known on the internet with the 🐉 emoji. He works in the digital high fashion sector with companies around the world such as: GCDS / PINKO / Adida x Y-3 / PYREX etc.  In his art he loves to combine his greatest passions: Japanese art from which he drew inspiration mainly, and fashion. Filippo is a big fan of the Cyberpunk and Sci fi world, these two elements often recur within his works.

Sara Petito

Sara Petito is a young 3D Fashion Designer from Italy. After she earned her Fashion Design degree in 2020 she thought it was time to acquire new skills: she wanted to learn how to create digital clothes.

Sara put all her effort into learning new 3D software. She didn't know anything about it and nobody taught her how to do it but she found it really fun and challenging.

She has combined digital art with her knowledge in Fashion Design, and started making her own digital outfits which turned out to be the right choice for her path in the end.

Ravi Guru Singh

Prior to becoming an artist (and prior to the pandemic), Ravi Guru Singh was a corporate lawyer who practiced at elite banking and technology law firms firms, in particular, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton and Cooley LLP. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, by a single mom, who is an immigrant from Guyana. His dad, Punjabi, is a cab driver. So to go on to Vanderbilt University and Northwestern Law on full scholarships, and then work on and lead legal deals worth millions and billions of dollars for clients like Uber and Goldman, was big for him. But he found a lot of the work in his finance practice to be a black hole to his individuality and creativity. He believed he was reacting to the culture, rather than leading it.

Following the pandemic, Ravi ended up being the first person in the world to create a crypto digital fashion collection inspired by India. He's making his acting debut for an independent film, Terrible Children. He debuted in reality TV for Indian Matchmaking on Netflix. He created, wrote, and produced an animated sci-fi comedy short, Doing the Robot, which has won awards and been official selections for festivals around the world, from France to Australia. He works as an outside-counsel for a healthcare start-up. And for the crypto fashion collection, he collaborated with Lorena Bello, a Madrid-based designer, and they built an Indian digital collection from scratch. The outfits ended up making national news in India and got covered by the first and second-largest newspapers there – the Times of India and the Hindu.

Ravi is inspired by the philosophy of crypto: "it makes suit-and-tie types uncomfortable for the way it takes away power from certain financial elites and gives it to more people."

Blanc De Blanc

Blanc de Blanc is a digital fashion atelier where they help brands to get into the digital world and the new era of the fashion industry. They create their collections in digital-only format with exclusive designs. Their workshop strongly believes that they will build a strong community around digital fashion. With their collection on Portion, Blanc de Blanc blurs the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, and shows that digital fashion can look realistic.


BandanaBoi, also known as Palash or Ash, is an eccentric creative. He is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist who is currently working in 3d and VR. Chaos and Hatred around him made him realize that there is a need for love and compassion, and that's what his art seeks to accomplish with experimentation being the key value for Ash.

Christian Whiticar

Christian Whiticar is an artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia.  When he's not running around with wild ideas in his head he is on the computer bringing them to life. Christian is a surrealist digital artist who creates a body of work relying on simulation techniques. He is inspired by abstract work, science fiction, and nature. Trained as a painter and motion graphics artist he has moved into the digital realm attempting to create anything that comes to mind. He is loving where digital art has gone and wants to continue to create beautiful and moving work which could someday be presented in digital/virtual galleries.

Domingo Beta

Domingo Beta was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. As a child, he fell in love with colors, shapes, and movement. He became Domestika's teacher and with his wife, founded Veleta Studiolab. Since 2011 they have worked with clients and projects that want to explore different views and styles. Since 2019 he’s been interested in creating artworks that have elements of digital fashion, something he’s been always interested in. Domingo is now an active member of different digital fashion groups such as Digitalax/GDN, The Fabricant Studio, and DAOs of Web3 like JUMP, FWB and Protein.

Vince Ubags

Belgian graphic designer Vincent Ubags is a self-taught prodigy who has presented his works in expositions, festivals, and in a digital context. As both a painter and motion designer, Ubags has produced art that is entirely individualized to his particularly innovative style. He has demonstrated a versatility that is manifested through several modes such as portrait painting, typography, technical drawings, sketches, and motion design clips. His work can be described as bursting with an energy that is simply superb. The elements seen in his paintings are fascinating, viewers can take in intricately woven patterns of color and dexterous motifs embedded within.

Lorena Bello

Lorena Bello is a Digital Fashion Designer & 3D Artist. Driven by her passion for design, she turned her life 180º when in 2013 she decided to change her professional path by leaving her corporate career to start completely afresh in Fashion. From this moment, she has followed her passion working in fashion in London, Milan and Madrid.

Constantly evolving, during this time, her work has grown to get new perspectives. From her digital prints developed on a photographic basis, in 2015 one of her pieces was exhibited at the Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid, DEARTE, to full 3D compositions where she combines her passion for fashion, photography, design and art.

She also jumped the NFT space in 2020 by collaborating with Digitalax and participating also in the last edition of Crypto Fashion Week, as part of the Meta Gala auction. In her day to day, she works as a freelance designer collaborating on different digital fashion projects.

Lucas Guzman

Lucas Guzman is a 3D and technical artist, constantly developing himself in the field. In the past few years, after making renders and visuals and 3D printing for different fashion companies, he decided to start producing 3D assets and workflows for video games, VR and AR experiences, and other interactive media. With +10 years experience in digital media production he is currently working as a Senior 3D Artist for the innovative marketing agency Capitola.Social.

Tabitha Swanson

Tabitha Swanson is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary designer, creative technologist, and artist. Her practice includes 3D, animation, augmented reality, digital fashion, graphic design, and UX/UI.

Commercially, Tabitha has worked with brands including Vogue Germany, Nike, Highsnobiety, Reebok, Origins, and others to create beautiful work in the creative tech and design sphere. Artistically, her work is used as a form of therapy, often composing questions rather than answers, and trying to faintly touch the unseen edges of human existence.


Aisha is a digital fashion designer who has a background in architecture. Being passionate about the metaverse, fashion and technology, she creates digital fashion pieces from different ranges of ideas such as architecture, nature, culture, etc.

Maison Taskin

Taskin Goec is a Berlin based fashion designer. His background in physical fashion and Haute Couture allows him to fuse this technical knowledge with a progressive vision. For Maison Taskin he creates a universe that includes material, virtual and hybrid pieces. Every object, physical or not, is understood as an artefact rooted in a virtual space of desire. Effortless opulence and strong silhouettes are the core of the brand’s aesthetic. Maison Taskin stands for a visionary attitude and is implementing a high fashion sense in both the online and offline world.

Jonny Mehra

Cinética is an internationally recognized brand that has worked with many celebrities, brands & game developers on dozens of projects. Co-Founders Jonathan Mehra and  Lionelle Mehraban are MoCap Directors & Producers. They’ve worked with some of the world's biggest pop stars and brands like Snoop Dogg, Bad Bunny, Danna Paola, Sebastian Yatra, Philipp Plein, TED, and many more.

The technology behind Cinetica’s Motion Capture solutions is Inertial Motion Capture. It has the ability to track human movement allowing us to simulate our bones on a digital skeleton. After that, it designs your 3D Avatar or character for it to take life with the Motion Capture data.


Bloowoods is a motion designer, 3D artist, and animator based in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. His work features mechanistic android forms paired with emotionally compelling vivid scenery. With a six-year video editing background, he has developed a niche in creating affluential content and is passionate about innovative design.


BANGERBOYZZ is a 25 year old visual 3D artist and graphic designer from Bangkok. He releases art as BANGGERBOYZ and FKOFFDUTY. BANGERBOYZZ creates 3D visual and virtual environments in Thailand, Japan, and the US.

Luca Connelli

Luca Connelli is an artist from Catania/Sicily. He started drawing sketches by himself and then later began his career as a 3D artist as a way to share something new.


SoloGrafik is a graphic Designer & 3D artist based in Switzerland. He is a member at Team Black Cat.


Digital Artist Shejtano is a self-taught creative artist working out of Munich. Creating artworks with Blender, Photoshop and AI techniques, his art reflects his appreciation for divine beings.


Carlos Cabada is a multidisciplinary full-stack developer, from hardware to digital artworks from Veracruz, Mexico. He was introduced to coding when he was 10 years old, (20 years ago), intriguing his technological interests almost his entire life. Later on he became interested in drawing and inclined himself into a more artsy personal career. Since his mindset changed to a more artistic view, his daily routine altered to creating art in any format, whether it was a robot that makes music with AI, an AR outfit or a hand-painted acrylic canvas. Carlos’ 3D interest just started 2 years ago, and since that day he has never stopped learning something new about creating 3D art. “It's the future and it'll be embedded in our daily lives 24/7 pretty soon.” Preview clients: Playboy, Snapchat.


JaeBum Joo (Korean : 주재범) is a Pixel Artist/Animator from Seoul, South Korea who dreams and doodles about things and thoughts all over the world. He has contributed to many Solo and Group Exhibitions over the years as well as creating commercial works from 2018-2021. His style and aesthetic falls under 8bit retro.


Vladimir Serbanescu is a Romanian Portrait Artist and Graphic Designer. In addition to his traditional black&white or colored pencil portraits he also creates sci-fi / fantasy inspired digital illustrations. His career as an artist started in 2013 but only discovered digital art 5 years later. Best known for his drawings of Demi Lovato as a mermaid, 2016, and Kylie Jenner next to her younger self, 2017.

Oliver Ojeil

Oliver's style as an artist and director is quite diverse and his work spans from commercials, to music videos, and from short to fashion films. He has collaborated with some of the world's biggest brands to date. Aside from having a natural eye for beauty and aesthetic, he is technically well versed and experienced with visual effects, which earned him 2 credits in Hollywood so far as a visual effects supervisor on The Pyramid (20th Century FOX) and Danger One (Silvatar Media). However, at the core of it all lies a story teller able to stir emotions and move hearts.


Bernatinmotion has taken his passion and experience to big Labels with its characters and designs full of realistic textures and we could almost say that somehow they do the work perceptible to the touch. . His passion for the 3D world and his drive to better his work day by day making personal projects One of his best skills in the world of 3D is that of creating digital clothing.He is a teacher in a platform called Domestika and in the Ramon Llui University of Barcelona.This last few years he has been taking momentum in the fashion world. Bernatinmotion is very passionate about it.

Nino Accardi (accard1)

Nino Accardi, also known as accard1 is a 22 year old 3D motion graphic designer and art director based in Zurich, Switzerland. Feeding his soul by creating experimental surreal art influenced by his surroundings and experiences.

Part of the Team Black Cat Collective, the goal of his work is to inspire and connect with artists all over the globe and keep creating stuff till‘ the wheels fall off.

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