On October 7th, we will kick off Digital Fashion Month! This monumental event, spanning the month of October, will highlight leading artists and creators specializing in the new frontier of digital fashion. We are seeking to explore what fashion looks like in the digital age and how it might evolve in the Metaverse.

Portion x CADAF Fifth Avenue NYC AR Exhibit

Featuring The Fabricant and Alexey Severin!

Portion is partnering with CADAF for Digital Art Month NYC to create a physical exhibit on Fifth Avenue for the entire month of October! Digital Art Month, kicking off October 1st, will showcase an array of dynamic, interactive, and sculptural site-specific AR effects in NYC. This festival is a celebration of historic NYC neighborhoods matched with the infinite creativity of augmented reality artists.

Portion's interactive AR fashion-themed exhibits will be displayed on banners lining Fifth Avenue and viewers will be able to scan QR codes, taking them to the collectable AR NFTs on Portion, as well as to special filter effects on Instagram. For this event, our curation team has selected artwork by The Fabricant and Alexey Severin!

The Fabricant | A Digital Fashion House

The Fabricant is a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards digital-only clothing. Unconstrained by the physical, they create high quality seductive 3D fashion narratives and experiences.

Since Day 1 we have believed that digital fashion is the future and that it will be an integral part of the industry going forward. That is why are beyond excited to partner up with The Fabricant again. The last time we worked together was when we auctioned off the world's first digital dress at Ethereal Summit 2019.

This time they'll be debuting the newly launched Fabricant Studio, a platform with a mission to build the wardrobe of the Metaverse. Tons of artists are busy co-creating its' debut collection as we speak and minting limited edition fashion NFTs. Fabricant Studios' iconic centerpiece creation will be auctioned off on Portion as part of Digital Fashion Month. This will be the first ever AR NFT to be auctioned on Portion!

"Pluriform - Metalized Ocean" by The Fabricant - First AR NFT to be auctioned on Portion

The Pluriform collection designed by The Fabricant advocates for gender diversity and inclusion in the digital fashion space, where we can transcend the limitations of the physical world. With this piece, they take that sensibility into e-sports and gaming, reimagining the notion of a soccer kit embedded with Atari’s aesthetic legacy. In the real world, soccer is played by multiple cultures whose sports garments lie outside what we’ve come to be familiar with from a Western perspective. These limited edition digital-only sports garments defy the current cultural expectation, to be worn by anyone, regardless of gender expression, and which introduce the idea of a ‘pluriform’, a uniform silhouette that’s suitable for everyone, everywhere.

The Fabricant Studio Manifesto from The Fabricant on Vimeo.

Alexey Severin

Alexey Severin is an Italian digital artist who crafts beautiful works that enable users to play with their environments. We fell in love with his creation called “Rewind” and his explorations of a sustainable future and we are very excited to feature Alexey in this event!

The Creator Lineup

We were absolutely blown away by all of the submissions from our open call and we are so excited to spotlight all of these incredible digital fashion creators and their works throughout the month. You can view all these artists’ work on Portion and collect their NFTs starting October 7th.

Upcoming Events + Parties in the Metaverse

Portion will also host a range of events, from Twitter Spaces panels, to educational seminars, behind the scenes livestreams, artist features, and parties in the metaverse. We'll also be doing a Digital Fashion takeover in our Portion Museum in Decentraland, with our gallery opening party on October 19th! Get ready for some exclusive airdrops, rewards, fashion shows, and so much more.

Make sure to follow us on our socials and join our Discord for all the latest on our programming throughout the month! Members of our Discord will be the first to hear about limited edition airdrops/rewards and how to participate!

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