It is safe to say that everyone is looking forward to a more positive year, and the team is doing all that they can to contribute to that.

It has truly been an exciting few weeks in crypto, and the team feels the electricity in the air. With the discussion surrounding the industry expanding across the board, it seems everyone and even their grandmothers are talking about crypto.

It’s often easy to lose your grounding in the energy so, as always, make sure to do your own research on every project you become involved with.

Our liquidity mining partnership with continues to be a success. Over the past 2 weeks, individuals directly participated for 25 SFI and 1,000,000 PRT on Portion’s first liquidity tranche pairing. PRT rewards were sent out in the linked transaction. The Saffron team contributed the equivalent of $10,000 at the time of writing for liquidity rewards, and the Portion team contributed nearly $20,000 to the pair at the time of writing. It should be noted that the Portion team has not yet started its marketing campaign for onboarding users to the platform.

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The liquidity pair on is now shifting to the next Epoch of staking. The Saffron and Portion teams will be contributing 12.5 SFI and 1,000,000 PRT, respectively.

The Portion team has spent their time working on the platform and adding the ability to receive royalties for sold art. Purchasing NFT’s is only the beginning. Eventually, physical art will be added back into the mix and the 30+ galleries partnered with Portion will foster a vital connection to the heart of the contemporary art world for the platform.

We believe that the best creators let their intuition lead them. It’s our duty to the community to continue to develop a platform that is powerful in its simplicity. We always appreciate submitting bugs or suggestions to is a bounty for impactful contributions.

Here’s to a wave of potential in the year 2021,

Portion Team

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