Portion, est 2016, debuts the grand opening of a museum in Decentraland's Voltaire district. Featuring OG and emerging crypto artists with 7 floors of cutting-edge NFT artwork. Open to the public now.

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The 2nd annual Decentraland Art Week kicks off on July 8th!

Just a few days to go until the metaverse’s annual celebration of digital art kicks off! Expect great exhibitions from all the top NFT Platforms, real world galleries appearing in the Metaverse, Openings by well known artists, film club, theatre performances, group shows from Art collectives, community satellite shows and awesome after parties. Here’s what to expect.

Portion Museum Grand Opening

On Day 2 of Decentraland's Art Week 2021, we are incredibly excited to debut Portion Museum’s Grand Opening in Decentrland’s Voltaire District. As part of our grand opening launch party on July 9, we will be featuring incredible OG and emerging crypto artists with 7 floors of cutting-edge NFT artwork.

In our museum you will find works from Kevin Abosch, Be Svendsen x Android Jones, Osinachi, David Young, SpookyGirl, Ryan Koopmans, Sephora Venites, Yossi, Nathan Head, Hashmukh Kerai, Flavio Carvalho, Kota Yamaji, Audri Phillips, and many more surprises!

Going forward, we believe the Portion museum will provide immense benefits for the Portion community. This move will help increase the visibility of artwork on Portion, provide a fun and interactive space for virtual events, auctions, and exhibits, and heighten connectivity between artists, creators, collectors, and fans. Check out an exclusive interview between Decentraland and Portion's Founder, Jason Rosenstein, where we share our vision for our museum and why we believe Decentraland's virtual social world will be so important for digital artists.

Huge thanks to architectural design build firm, Solid, for designing the Portion Museum!

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity.

Decentraland’s Art Week 2021 is shaping up as the biggest, most diverse get-together in Decentraland’s history. If you’re new to Decentraland, learn the basics prior to our launch party by checking out this Decentraland Setup Guide.

Launch Party $PRT Giveaway!

Fill out this form on July 9th to prove your attendance at our Decentraland Launch Party and we will airdrop you $25 in PRT!

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