There has been a lot of noise in the blockchain space lately, and we hope that everybody is doing their own research before making any decisions. In lieu of talking about the macros across the NFT and digital asset spaces, we will take this moment to discuss Portion’s development and organizational progress.

Firstly, we’d like the community to know that we do hear your voices and continuously make adjustments based on constructive input and feedback.

Recently, we have hired another developer to join the project, and continue to fill positions on the team. We are ready to let the community know that we intend to integrate the following updates in as timely a manner as possible.

This blog update does not include nor reference our future partnerships, which will be released and explored in depth at various points in the future.

February 28.

  1. “BUY IT NOW” feature will be available with the native PRT governance Token.
  2. The integration of ERC-1155’s for multiple edition sizes will be added to the platform.
  3. Included in the same Feb 28 timeline will be the porting of the V1 Artwork to the new standard on Portion V2.

March 31st.

  1. V3 Frontend released : Bidding with PRT via the unlocking of the bidding feature.

The next batch of updates will roll out organically over a shorter timeline, with Spring ’21 currently functioning as the planned time for a large increase in core functionality across the board:

April 15th.

  1. The release of our anticipated Virtual Galleries with our global partners.
  2. New exhibits are released every 4–6 weeks going forward.

Our partners come from a wide range of backgrounds in the arts and we will be leveraging our ties to the contemporary art market to merge with the blossoming ecosystem of NFTs and digital scarcity!

May 1st.

  1. Digital collectibles from other platforms to be introduced on Portion.
  2. More strategic partnerships with key brands for the creation of their unique digital collectibles.

It is our hope that the creation of digital collectibles with identifiable brands will bring awareness beyond the Crypto ecosystem, and penetrate the world of contemporary art and high fashion. More to be released on this in future blogs.

Lastly (for now), we will be launching a Summer 21’ show in New York City with a physical gallery dependent on worldwide conditions. The Portion team was proud to have opened the beloved Upper West Side location in Manhattan before Covid became a reality. That said, we will continue empowering artists and using the magic of the Blockchain to accomplish this in conjunction with our efforts.

Additionally, the marketing team has been holding a sustained push to onboard new artists that will be running concurrently to all technical work for the next 6 months.

Very excited for what 2021 has in store! Thank you for joining us.

Portion Team

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