With the aim of building out experiences in the Metaverse, NFT auction house Portion pours over a million USD into an official district in Decentraland  

We're excited to announce the purchase of ”Portion District,” an estate within Decentraland, a 3D virtual world platform where users buy virtual plots of land as NFTs. The purchase was completed for 425,000 MANA, equivalent to approximately 1,250,000 USD, as of 01/27/21.

Just like Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, high-traffic areas serve as a premium thoroughfare for world-famous luxury brands, and the coming Metaverse is building its own such districts. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is one of the Metaverse’s early movers and has proved itself a popular arena for this, where plots of lands are bought, sold, and used to create an entirely virtual decentralized district. But for artists and brands looking to enter the fledgling space, the focus is on exploring what’s possible in terms of technical and visual capabilities. As digital experiences move from two dimensions to three, building real-world brand experiences will thus prove a pivotal juncture. This isn't Portion's first move in the metaverse. It has previously received free land in the Decentraland Arts District. And last July, we debuted a seven-floor virtual museum in Decentraland, featuring a broad array of NFT artwork.

To help brands and artists explore their potential in the space, Portion has acquired ”Portion District,” a large estate near Genesis Plaza in Decentraland. The acquisition comes on the heels of its recent successful partnership with digital consultancy Publicis Sapient. As a leader in digital business transformation, Publicis Sapient partners with the world's largest brands, most of which are exploring and investing in Web 3.0. Portion’s district acquisition helps empower connected brands and companies to evolve and appeal to a new generation of consumers, by properly refining the user experience before launch, including how transactions are processed, products are tested, and digital interactions are recorded.

The acquisition is part of a wider decentralized mission by Portion to connect artists and collectors through blockchain technology in order to easily sell, invest, and own art and collectibles with complete transparency. We're incredibly excited to acquire a premium district in the Decentraland ecosystem in the early stages of its development. It's a major step in our journey, since it helps us begin tangibly building out on a vision we’ve been developing for quite some time, allowing us to effectively optimize proof of concepts for the growing pool of curious artists and brands merging themselves into the Metaverse.

Partnership Opportunties

Portion is always prepared to consider partnerships or collaborations with artists, brands, and companies who are looking for increased value and exposure through Portion's NFT Auction House and Metaverse Real Estate. If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us at hello@portion.io.

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