On June 15th, we'll kick off Day 2 of Portion's Street x Pop Art Week, featuring artists BK The Artist, 1PENEMY, and Tripp.

Learn more about the artists and their works that will go up for sale on Portion:

BK The Artist

Brian Kirhagis, aka “BK The Artist” (@bktheartist), is an internationally renowned painter whose unmistakably unique work and strikingly original concepts are laced with socially conscious messages.

Inspired by the human experience and armed with an uncanny ability to make the viewer feel and see art, he deftly sifts through an impressive range of substance matter utilizing several distinct styles.

BK’s signature technique of weaving together double images and hidden elements using shape and color allow him to tell a story on canvas with paint. The viewer’s mind deciphers several layers while simultaneously following a broader narrative within the same piece.

From his beginnings in Baltimore and through his journey to NYC, this self-taught artist’s rise has inspired a rapidly increasing fan base, garnered critical acclaim, and attracted celebrity and top flight collectors from around the world.

"EARTH (#35)" // "EARTH (#36)"

This series was painted as an ode to one of life’s greatest gifts, our women, using the elements of nature to remind us that “Everything Always Returns To Her” (E.A.R.T.H.)

Mother Earth. Mother ship, Mother country, Motherland and even Motherboard — she gets her just due everywhere else — except in our books, schools, homes, businesses, offices, institutions or churches.

Why? Because it’s not Ourstory or Herstory. Men wrestled away the pen that wrote HIS story. But if you pull back the layers of just about anyone's family, you will undoubtedly find a current of matriarchs through which it runs. Much in the same way when we pull back the layers of our collective human family you inevitably find earth under the pages of men. A time before power and greed and the fallacies of the ego, when great Queens ruled over places like the fertile black sands of Khem. HIStory recorded it as the land of darkness. We know now that we’ve never lived in such light again.

I was a seed raised by the richest earth. She gave me a brolic stem and crucial nutrients in the toppest of soils. It didn’t matter where the garden was, I had water and sun. I grew beautiful silk leaves and as I bloomed my petals stretched out as paintbrushes. These canvases are pollen to be collected into your spirit and spread around into new growths of thought and action. It's your job to carry it with you and plant it in your own circles, conversations and backyards. Why do we say behind every great man is an even greater woman? Why can’t we elevate her to the front? We should turn around and go back to where we came from. The sacred feminine. Our source. Our Earth.

When I work I feel like I’m dipping swords in paint. Fighting for what's right with the tools I’ve been given. In the end that's all we can do. Let us grow something different. We thought the strongest arm deserved to write down our stories and shape our societies. It should have been the strongest soul.

(For both pieces):

Includes: 1/1 NFT (2000px x 2521px) + Original Physical Painting (11x14” acrylic on wood panel)


Celebrity dental surgeon by day, NYC street artist by night, Dr. Nicholas Toscano — 1PENEMY to his fans — is an artistic force defined by idiosyncrasies and dualities. While his list of clients in dentistry spans over 25 of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies and hundreds of the world’s most photographed faces, 1PENEMY’s street art strikes a tone that stands starkly against the commodification of beauty.

The first 1PENEMY work to appear on the streets of NYC in 2016 featured a mugshot lineup of 90s supermodels: Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford. Wheat-pastes of their visages emblazoned on back alleys and graffitied walls suggested the subject as one part outlaw, one part object. 1PENEMY poses his work as a forceful statement on society’s perception of women today: held to an unrealistic standard of perfection and dehumanized for their performance of beauty. Learn more about 1PENEMY.


Includes: 1/1 NFT + Original physical painting (30 x 40 in mixed media wheatpaste acrylic on canvas)


Includes: 1/1 NFT (MP4)


Tripp Derrick Barnes aka Tripp

Tripp Derrick Barnes is a South Carolina-born, NYC based multimedia artist working at the intersection of Art, Entertainment, and Technology. His specialities include physical works on canvas, murals, & custom virtual reality experiences.

He found his calling within the Arts while getting his Bachelors Degree at Savannah College Of Art And Design in Savannah, GA. Tripp is inspired by color, his culture, and pushing the boundaries of what art is and will be. He is certain that NFTs are the future of physical art. In collaboration with Ja Rule & flip-kick, his first NFT sold for $122,000.

Tripp’s work has been featured on Good Morning America, multiple Bravo network series, and Project Runway. His paintings have been displayed internationally from New York, London, Japan, to Hong Kong. Tripp Art has been hired by brands such as NBC, SYFY, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, & Louise The 13th. Much of his portraiture work has been commissioned by the likes of numerous high profile individuals, including Matthew McConaughey, Lady Gaga, Andy Cohen, Drew Brees, and Susan Sarandon.

Girl Next Door by Tripp

"Girl Next Door"

A ‘popneoism’ (nuance pop art) style’d painting  in collaboration with Steven Swancoat and Tripp Derrick Barnes. A series based on top hair trends & styles of the 21st century. 

Includes: 1/1 NFT + Acrylic On Gallery Canvas (40 x 40”)

"Dali Swirl" (left)

Dali Swirl is a physical painting that was painted by Tripp Derrick Barnes in 2014. A portrait of Salvador Dali with a ‘popneoism’ rendition style. Dali is and will forever be the #1 artist that has continued and will always inspire him. The painting is also one of Tripp’s most early works, a collector's piece, hints its value as a one of a kind NFT. No other versions or similarities of ‘Dali Swirl’ (other than it’s animated cousin below/Dali SwirlING NFT) will ever be made into an NFT. This will be outlined in the virtual contract by the artist.

Includes: Physical painting (36 x 36"). Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

"Dali SwirlING" (right)

Dali SwirlING is an NFT animated version of ‘Dali Swirl'
Since ‘Dali Swirl’ is one of Tripp Derrick Barnes’s most early/iconic paintings, He sought fit that it should be custom animated into a unique 1/1 animated NFT. Tripp merged this NFT through sound, music, & movement which is and will always be the future/focus of his art-form.

Includes: 1/1 Digital NFT

Tune into Street + Pop Art Week on Portion from June 14-18.

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