On June 17th, we'll kick off Day 4 of Portion's Street x Pop Art Week, featuring artists Sean Keith, Sandy Cohen, Dain, and 1PENEMY.

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Sean Keith

Sean Keith (@seankeith_art) was born in 1982 in a small town in Minnesota, raised in Las Vegas, and currently resides between Los Angeles, Switzerland and Germany. His dream is for his 7 year old twin daughters, Summer Breeze & Leah Marie, to travel the world with him as he pursues his career as an artist.

Sean's passion for art has always been a living, breathing aspect of his life and he uses his signature cartoonish style to comment on real-world obsessions with money, fame, and capitalism. His artwork is characterized by a cheeky brand of appropriation using images from popular culture. He subtly alters the picture and its context, shifting the tone to give new meaning to the beloved characters. A common theme throughout his work is money and the insatiable desire to possess it. Another theme is bringing out the playfulness in people and reminding them of the simplicity and innocence of childhood, while at the same time encouraging them to stay motivated and inspired.

Before painting his figures, Keith covers the entire canvas with vintage newspaper or other printed materials. The printed text and images on the page serve as a contrast to the lushly hand-painted figures, implying the difference between reality and fantasy. A layer of glossy resin is added to cover each artwork, creating a smooth, polished finish to the layered artwork underneath. SK has evolved his style by using different mediums from spray paint, to metal flakes, to cutting his own stencils, to creating one of a kind backgrounds, and painting nostalgic, iconic images. His works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the US and have been collected worldwide.

“One Eyed Trooper”

Includes: 1/1 NFT (1080px X 1080px) + Original physical artwork (3-D printed Trooper Skull; Hand painted with Spraypaint, Stencils, and a Artresin finish. One of a kind. 9 x 11 in.)

“Stand Your Ground”

"Discontinued Storm Trooper Figure standing at 31 inches tall. Comes from my private collection. I am a big fan of Star Wars and anything nostalgic. These figures bring me great memories of my childhood and give me inspiration and I hope they will do the same for you."

Includes: 1/1 NFT (1080 x 1080px) + Original physical artwork (Stormtrooper figure; Hand painted w/ Spraypaint & Stencils. Finished with Art Resin. 31 x 5 x 12")

Sandy Cohen

Sandy Cohen (@SandyCohensArt) was born in Israel, raised in NYC, and currently resides in the Hamptons. She started creating art as an infant and at the age of eight she was the youngest student at a college program in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her skills were so advanced that the instructor asked her to teach the remainder of the workshop. She sold her first piece at the age of 13 and at 14, she was granted admission to the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating high school at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, Peter Max expressed interest in her as a young artist. Sandy was about to start her life as a young adult and pursue her passion in a career as an artist.

Shortly before her 20th birthday, Sandy fell seriously ill as a result of side effects from a combination of pills her doctor prescribed against a bout of food poisoning, creating a multi-systemic collapse in her health along with the development of ME/CFS and Dysautonomia. She spent the first five years bed ridden, in and out of hospitals fighting for her life, followed by another seven years in a wheelchair, drawing and sketching from her bed when she was able. The illness made it impossible for her to live a normal life and art was where she could escape the reality of her physical confinement.

In 2017, after endless trial and error treatments, Sandy finally re-emerged on to the art scene. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries across the country as well as Europe. Her work also hangs in a museum in South America (Museo Casa Del Arte Y La Cultura De Santa Fe in Medellin, Colombia). Having high profile collectors such as two royal families and being featured in several publications, her pieces have garnered the reputation of being highly collectable investment art.

Although she has come a long way regarding her health, she still struggles with symptoms that wax and wane daily. Pushing through despite the physical challenges, her pieces are filled with deep messages that have come from her own life experiences. She hopes that through her journey she can be an inspiration for others to never give up.

"Turtle Power" (left)

"I was a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan as a kid (still am). They were some of my favorite characters to draw. This painting was a recreation of a TMNT image I loved as a child. It was printed on my school folder. The first time I recreated the image was when I was ten years old. Recently I felt the desire to recreate it as an adult. It was incredibly fun and nostalgic for me. I painted the whole piece while listening to the soundtrack of the TMNT video games."

This piece was recently chosen by Andrew Schulz to be the center piece for the Andrew Schulz's Flagrant 2 with Akaash Singh podcast.

Includes: 1/1 NFT + physical artwork (60" x 60” acrylic on canvas)

"Beep Beep" (right)

"This piece is named after Missy Elliott’s song “The Rain.” I used to sing the line “beep beep, who got the keys to the jeep?” to my first girlfriend. I loved the song. I loved the girl. I love fantasy art and using wolves and rabbits to symbolize our relationship. I think pure love can be truly magical. So I created this piece in honor of love and good music."

Includes: 1/10 NFT - 91 MB, 2400x3200 pixels


Street artist DAIN (@dain_nyc) is one of the most prominent and influential talents to emerge from NYC in decades. DAIN delights and captivates with his unique juxtaposition of the hard, masculine aesthetics of graffiti with collaged scraps of advertisements and feminine black and white photographs of women who recall the romance of vintage Hollywood. Whether creating on the street or in his studio, DAIN combines acrylic, photography, wheat pasting, spray paint and collage to produce a sexy artwork that breathes both glamor, edge, and seduction. DAIN’s colorful, charismatic style contrasts with his quiet persona – this mysterious artist doesn’t reveal his real name, or talk openly about his work, allowing the art to speak for itself.

Truly distinctive among street artists today, DAIN has put in the time to cultivate his craft. Since the 1980s, this Brooklyn-born street artist has been hard at work musing city life with his street work now found throughout the boroughs. A self-taught painter, DAIN’s signature touch is the notable tagging with a ‘circle and a drip’ of just one of the eyes of his subject. When approaching a piece, DAIN first selects black and white images inspired by the mystique of bygone femininity. He then layers his primary images with additional smaller images like vintage advertisements and found paper fragments. Only at the end of his process does he pick colors to render a portrait in acrylic and spray paint.

DAIN’s work can be found alongside Banksy’s in the permanent collection of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin. He has been exhibited in collectives and solo shows in New York, London, Paris, Rome, Miami, and Australia. DAIN has partnered with large fashion brands like Puma and Coach for public mural projects.

"Bella Reconstructed Couture 1 & Couture 2"

My work is a mix of grit and glamour.. I use old torn down street posters that I find around NYC in my work. I blend it with my love of old Hollywood glam and flowers to create this beauty out of what most would see as trash..

I decided to use this image for both my physical piece and NFT. It's a blend of my classic "DAIN" style with a contemporary twist. My inspiration is really found in the everyday beauty that is all around us that we often overlook.

Couture 1 includes: 1/1 NFT + Original Physical Painting (as photographed on the right)

Couture 2 includes: 1/1 NFT


Celebrity dental surgeon by day, NYC street artist by night, Dr. Nicholas Toscano — 1PENEMY to his fans — is an artistic force defined by idiosyncrasies and dualities. While his list of clients in dentistry spans over 25 of the world’s most prestigious modeling agencies and hundreds of the world’s most photographed faces, 1PENEMY’s street art strikes a tone that stands starkly against the commodification of beauty.

The first 1PENEMY work to appear on the streets of NYC in 2016 featured a mugshot lineup of 90s supermodels: Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford. Wheat-pastes of their visages emblazoned on back alleys and graffitied walls suggested the subject as one part outlaw, one part object. 1PENEMY poses his work as a forceful statement on society’s perception of women today: held to an unrealistic standard of perfection and dehumanized for their performance of beauty. Learn more about 1PENEMY.


Includes: 1/50 NFT (MP4)


Includes: 1/100 NFT (MP4)

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