Krotchy and Floontz are co-creators known for an experimental storytelling fusion of mystical fiction and magical surrealism.

Floontz has earned many awards including Best Short Film at AFTERLIFE as well as Best Cinematography at the 7th Art Independent International Film Festival. On the other hand, Krotchy has partnered with on Opensea in the past to create a limited edition Krotchy Card collection, selling out within seconds of its release.

Together, their skills illustrate the world in unique, imaginative ways.  Their nine short films blend live action, stop motion, 2D and 3D for striking visual experiences that explore the psyche, and push boundaries to discover and portray new worlds.

Kerfuffle - The Film

Kerfuffle is an animated short film about the battle between the shadow side and the self. The film reimagines what happens when we give in to fear and anxiety. Negative thoughts balloon and hijack a better reality. Our life force is sucked dry. Only a shell of who we really are remains.

Kerfuffle NFT Collection Dropping on Portion

The Krotchy x Floontz drop consists of five different characters - Gorkle, Snurf, Glupto, Twasi, and Flurp. The five characters are divided between three different tiers, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, which allow for different price points and different sizes of numbers for the editions.

Gorkle - Gold Tier

A never before seen character variation for Snurf, the star of Kerfuffle. Gorkle gave a great audition but wasn’t androgynous enough to meet the mark. Like Snurf, Gorkle struggles with his own set of gnawing anxieties—his germaphobia is so extreme he keeps a separate closet stocked with hazmat suits. He wears them whenever he needs a solid eight hours of sleep. He also takes an immediate shower every time he poops.

Gorkle will be available as an edition of 3 and priced at 0.27 ETH each.

Snurf - Silver Tier

Sensitive, naïve Snurf, the star of Kerfuffle, pure at heart, devoured by the ills of the world. They want to be happy but their thought spirals rule them. Their morning routine is a mental sprint through worst case, apocalypse now scenarios. They’re still over-analyzing that weird interaction from last week. Did they say the wrong thing? Were they being annoying? Did their breath reek?

Snurf will be available as an edition of 13 and priced at 0.1 ETH each.

Glupto - Bronze Tier

Glupto believes bugs are the food of the future and sticks to a strict diet of imported insects. She swears their nutrients give her supernatural strength and stamina. Her overwhelming passion for pushing them as the only viable food source prevents her from getting close to anyone. A certified charmer, she’s still able to lure in new friends with ease. She pronounces common words wrong as an ice breaker before going in for the kill with unparalleled conversational skills. Everyone sticks around until she starts snacking on cicadas.

Glupto will be available as an edition of 22 and priced at 0.06 ETH each.

Twasi - Bronze Tier

Twasi was born into unimaginable wealth. This gave him all the time in the world to observe the people around him. Instead of being filled with admiration or love, he found very specific things he couldn’t stand. It might be how someone chewed, or exhaled, or stood. He took a vow of silence after he shared his observations with the wrong person and woke up in a hospital bed. One day he’ll discover his critiques stem from a deep internal self-loathing for his position in life. Until then he’ll detail his grievances in thick leather-bound books and leave them on various farmland for cows to chew up.

Twasi will be available as an edition of 22 and priced at 0.06 ETH each.

Flurp - Bronze Tier

Flurp suffered neurological damage in an experimental psychedelic drug study designed to let consumers control reality like a lucid dream. She was in the first round of testing. Things didn’t go as planned. Now she experiences the same dream without fail on the 6th of every month. It starts off with a field of giraffes but goes south fast, into a sequence of sweet potatoes and ear wax. She can’t make sense of this. Doctors and dream interpreters say she’s a lost cause. She stays at home with her collection of kaleidoscopes, using the shifting colors to soothe the empty slots in her brain.

Flurp will be available as an edition of 22 and priced at 0.06 ETH each.

Check out the Kerfuffle NFT Collection Dropping Exclusively on Portion on 12.08.

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