The future world of art that we are striving towards building at Portion is driven by inclusivity. That means creating access to and ensuring equitability on Portion at every possible juncture.

An inclusive perspective drives our decision making in everything from our community curation model to platform governance mechanisms, and the present and future tokenomics of the $PRT Token. But to make sure every new artist, collector, and community member can take part in this equitable art world, we first need to provide the access — and that means on-ramps into our ecosystem.

With that in mind, Portion is proud to announce that $PRT is also now available on Binance Smart Chain! This makes us the first NFT platform to conduct cross-chain native (Ethereum) to native (BSC) swaps for a governance token. This is a major step in creating interoperability between Portion, BSC, and the rapidly evolving ecosystem of apps and platforms using Binance Smart Chain for its technical strengths and powerful network effects. You can now swap $PRT for BSC through, or by purchasing $PRT with BNB on PancakeSwap.

How-to Swap From ETH to BSC using

  • Configure Binance Smart Chain on your MetaMask wallet, and make sure that your account holds enough BNB to pay for fees.
  • Make sure you are logged into your MetaMask account (on Ethereum mainnet) holding your $PRT tokens, and then connect your wallet on Multichain.
  • Select $PRT token and input the required amount to swap from ETH to BSC
  • Click “Transfer” and then submit the transaction on MetaMask with high gas.
  • Your $PRT tokens should now be on your BSC wallet.

How-to Buy $PRT On Pancake Swap Using $BNB

  • Go to
  • On the menu, click “Trade” and “Exchange”
  • Click “Select A Currency” and search by the Portion Token Contract (0xAF00aAc2431b04EF6afD904d19B08D5146e3A9A0)
  • Select $PRT
  • That’s it! You can now swap your $BNB for $PRT

Immediate benefits for Portion users using BSC include significantly cheaper gas fees as compared to Ethereum, in addition to a reduction on minting gas fees. We are working to integrate cross-chain support into the platform, so you can mint your NFTs on Binance. More on this soon.

While the Portion mission has been intertwined with Ethereum and decentralized networks since inception, our core mission is to connect access and value for artists and creators all over the world, no matter who they are — We’ll save a little Portion for everyone.

Portion Team 👑

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