SacSix (@SacSix) is a Miami born, mixed media artist, residing in NYC. His #SidewalksAndIcons street art series puts a fun twist on pop culture icons, past and present. SacSix's art has been featured by MTV, Adidas, Four Loko, the Grammy's, and by directors Michael Bay and Spike Lee. He was named by ArtNet as 1 of 10 global street artists to keep an eye on and in 2016, SacSix curated the global launch of the MTV Video Music Awards.

As SacSix's first step in exploring how illegal street may be able to play in the NFT space, he has released 3 unique NFTs via They will be available on Wednesday, May 19th at 1PM EST.

"The Dr. Fauci 'Wash 'Em and Prosper' and the Dolly 'Don't wait, Vaccinate' are wheatpastes I've been putting on the street, since April 2020. In the early pandemic, I wanted to create a reminder for people to wash their hands. I thought it would be a funny mashup to show Dr. Fauci as Spok, with the 'Wash 'Em' message across Spok's iconic prosper hand sign. #MrPoop, is a recurring character in my art, and is always down with the 'Truth.' The sixth finger is just an extra SacSix joke. This Fauci mural has been photographed by several global news outlets and used when talking about Covid in NYC. Michael Bay, also requested it to appear in the background of his upcoming movie."

"I created the Dolly 'Don't wait, Vaccinate' art after Dolly donated 1 million dollars towards research and development of a Covid vaccine. I wanted to depict Dolly as sexy nurse and I remembered the 1999 Blink-182 Enema of the State album and video, starring Janine Lindemulder as the sexy nurse. That image of Janine snapping her vinyl glove, worked perfectly when I dropped the syringe in her hand. I believe the Covid themed artwork, created in 2020, will hold a special importance for many years to come."

"The Hendrix Wild Thing NFT is based off an illegal wheatpaste I put up in Soho, NYC February 2021. I've always been a fan of Jimi Hendrix and classic rock. I thought it would be fun to put a contemporary spin on this iconic moment in music history, when Hendrix set his guitar on fire, at the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival. The kids won't get this one, but at the very least, they understand the language of fire emojis and may decide to learn about Jimi Hendrix, his music and this iconic moment. #MrPoop is front row, rocking out with his 'Wild Thing' gold chain. An interesting element to NFTs is sound design. I really like how the sounds of fire engines and city noise adds to the animation and gives the feeling of being in NYC, standing on the street in front of the piece."

How did you find your way into NFTs and crypto? What opportunities do NFTs present for street artists?

"I come from an advertising background, so I have always followed digital artists. It wasn't until recently that a friend with knowledge of NFTs approached me about getting into the cryptoart space. He spent a couple weeks consulting me on launching my first NFT 'Fallen Giants.'

In all honesty, the idea of someone sitting behind their computer making art doesn't excite as much as the artists that are out on the street, illegally putting up their artwork. My passion is illegal street art, not commissioned murals, not canvases or digital art. So, I am very interested in exploring how illegal street art can play in the NFT space. I also believe that street art adds another level of rarity to the NFT, due to its ephemeral nature. The NFTs that I want to create, always start from a place of illegal street art. For example, while the Fauci photography was a commissioned mural, I had illegally put many up in the street prior."

What are some of your observations about the emerging behaviors in the NFT space? Where do you think it's going?

"In the NFT space, I'm observing a modern day gold rush, with artists jumping into the space with the hopes of striking it rich. Unfortunately, I think this space will be like the real art world, in that only a small percentage of artists are actually successful and making money on it. I am not treating the NFT space as a way to get rich, but just as another medium to express my creative ideas and street art.

Artists are going to change the world. Our environment and lives are becoming increasingly digital, so digital artists will have an advantage. Soon everything will be a screen. Your wall, your refrigerator, your contact lenses will all have the ability to show digital imagery."

View SacSix's NFTs on Portion

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