Saffron v2: Introducing New PRT/ETH Pool with 500k $PRT Monthly Rewards

As many of our community members already know, the very first Saffron V2 pool was released as a beta test on Binance Smart Chain in February. Since that time, they have gained immeasurable experience in the DeFi ecosystem, expanded the development and marketing team, planned for and funded their expansion into other chains, and teamed up with a number of crucial strategic partners along the way. These achievements have played an instrumental role in delivering Saffron V2.

Saffron V2 comes with a new interface that’s been optimized for mobile and is better equipped to display information about a user’s position as well as the entire Saffron protocol at a glance. Saffron tranches have been completely overhauled in V2 with a number of additional features added, laid out here.

PRT/ETH Pool with Bonus PRT Rewards

We are pleased to reveal that the PRT governance token has been selected as a liquidity mining pair, ETH ⇔ PRT, through Uniswap on Saffron.Finance. The partnership begins on October 20th with a combined reward of 5 SFI and 500,000 $PRT monthly. Further rewards will be available as the partnership continues on to future epochs. Rewards will begin on October 24th.

To join the PRT pool, head to

“The Portion team has been an immense resource of knowledge for Saffron since our entry into the ever growing NFT marketplace. My vision is to create a bridge between DeFi and NFTs by combining the talents and expertise of the Saffron and Portion teams.” -psykeeper

About Saffron:

Saffron.Finance is a decentralized protocol that programmatically optimizes yield for individuals contributing their liquidity with various predetermined tranches at different risk levels. These tranches are set to two week epochs, where those contributing liquidity across the provided pairs receive payouts in exchange for locking their tokens for 2 weeks. Saffron’s platform allows for anyone to reap the benefits of liquidity mining while mitigating risk and gaining enhanced insight for what the potential yield could resemble.

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