On June 2, Stevie Williams will drop his unreleased 000 skate deck and NFT pair on Portion. This piece was originally created for Stevie Williams’ DGK brand where he did a limited collaboration with Virgil Abloh to release a minted run of 0-100 skate decks. The limited edition WilliamsXAbloh skate deck features a simple co-branding, noting Williams and Abloh’s collaboration, and camo print on the bottom. The design was drawn by Abloh himself and features black DGK branding, with each deck in the collection individually numbered 000-100.

This Portion Drop features a 1/1 digital NFT collectible plus a matching physical and previously unreleased 000 WxA skate deck.

Some thoughts from Stevie Williams about his upcoming Portion drop...

Tell us about any NFT drops you've done before and what you're looking forward to with this one.

The first NFT I dropped was with my friend Strawberry from the Rare Pizza Party. We created 5 DeFi skate collectible cards with music which also have a gamification aspect to them. When you buy the card or cards, it randomly selects the card for you. If you get the same card twice, you can then trade it on Opensea or burn it. This was something cool for a digital card game but new for the space.

I chose to drop the 000 WilliamsXAbloh skate deck for my Portion drop because it’s my first public auction piece. I like what Portion is about and think they did an amazing job with the platform.

Originally, there were a few 000’s made and I decided to make a NFT and offer the exclusive deck as an unlockable. I personally think this piece is one of a kind in this new market. I’ve seen some great pieces of artwork sold on the market without any unlockable products and I feel like I can bring something different to the scene that reflects my intentions as an artist coming into a new space. I want my artwork and collections to reflect cool moments in time in my life and the artistic things in life that give me inspiration. NFTs are similar to what I do with skateboarding but it’s something newer for me and I’m excited to share my visions.

On the world of NFTs and digital art collecting....

I definitely think it’s a shift in the world and more artists are coming into the light. It's helping more artists feel comfortable about putting their art out there or just having artistic platforms to display their passion. Creatives are artists living out their imagination so it’s only right to explore all the possibilities that can give us a chance to connect with our fans in newer and cooler ways. I dig it!!

I see my career developing slowly but in time I think collectors and fans will see the vision of my art and would want to collect as much of it as possible right now. I also think the space will look bright when everything comes together. Right now it’s still developing and it’s still new to the regular world. I have a feeling that digital art will be fun and exciting for the next generation of kids that will learn this as a second language and take full advantage of the tools this space provides and create change for the future.

The auction will open on Wednesday, June 2 at 1 PM EST.

Check out the drop.


About the artists:

→ Stevie Williams is a professional skateboarder who was named as one of the 30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine in 2011. He is the founder of the skateboarding company DGK. Learn more about Stevie Williams.

→ Virgil Abloh is an American designer, entrepreneur, and DJ who has been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear collection since March 2018. A trained architect, Abloh, who also worked in Chicago street fashion, entered the world of international fashion with an internship at Fendi in 2009 alongside Kanye West. The two then began an artistic collaboration that would launch Abloh's career into founding Off-White in 2012. The first American of African descent to be artistic director at a French luxury fashion house, he was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. Learn more about Virgil Abloh.

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