Visual Artist and MV Director, Suki Violet Su, explores the human sense of belonging, commonalities, and the tension between Eastern and Western visual narratives while incorporating 3D digital art, graphic design, photography, and conceptual films within her work.

Portion had the pleasure of interviewing her about her newest series exclusively on Portion, SKINSEQ, inspired from the perspective of Eastern animism, myths, and esthetics.

Hi Suki! Can you introduce yourself and expand on your journey of becoming a multidisciplinary visual designer and have worked with well-known celebrities such as Doja Cat, Willow Smith, Gunna, YNW Melly and others?

Hi, I'm Suki Violet Su! I was born and raised in SZ, China and I’ve been in NYC for the past 6 years. After graduating with my MFA, I fell in love with this city and have taken roles in graphics lead, photography and cinematics, art direction, and CGI motion lead. I am excited and happy to be working with talented artists in the world and always humbled by the learning experiences they bring. I’d like to give a big thank you to Creative director Zach, producer David Wept and Director Child for the trust.

Your collaborations and works of art are impressive! How would you describe your artistic style? Has it evolved over time?

My artistic core has always been experimental surrealism.

Anything that expresses reality with colorful imagination ignites creative inspiration. I seek to do the same for others.

How did you find your way into NFTs and crypto? What is one of your main takeaways from being part of the NFT community?

I was invited to join an NFT platform as a contributing artist back in 2018. As we transition into a more immersive Web3 atmosphere, NFTs, digital currency, just anything digital makes sense!

The NFT community is exactly that, a community. I really love how artists can go beyond social media to reach out and really immerse themselves in their projects. The community's value element really pushes the art narrative forward and that’s a good thing for creatives and the art industry in general.

We're so happy you found your way into NFTs! Your SKINSEQ collection on Portion seems to be inspired by diverse cultures. Is there a deeper meaning to these pieces that you want your audience to interact and interpret from each piece?

SKINSEQ is about consolidating different cultures with my own personal journeys. Each edition will represent the different stories that are told through surrealist art..

It’s my pleasure to work with artists Niohuru X and Anya Kochergina in the artist collection series. I really wanted to catch the essence of their artistic journey that inspires their followers and express it within SKINSEQ.

The SKINSEQ-Eastern Philosophy collection series is inspired from the perspective of Eastern animism, myths, and esthetics. Through the face, I seek to project the sense of Eastern philosophy and highlight that the face is your metaphysical window to the world.

These three editions will feature a 1-of-1 limited edition physical piece showcasing the digital NFT on a recycled marine plastic platform with a lenticular image on the frame.

Be sure to check us out on Skinseq!

When creating your art, do you have specific artists, current or past, that inform and/or inspire your practice the most? How?

Beauty connects human beings, same as art. I'm inspired by artists from all different industries. I'm obsessed with the way James Turrell uses color with light and space; Stage design from Robert Wilson; Contemporary art from Maurizio Cattelan and his toilet paper magazine; Dancer Yoann Bourgeois; Also kinetic sculpture from Anthony Howe and The strandbeest by Theo Jansen. The list goes on.

Most of your works comprise of Eastern and Western cultures, religious beliefs and female power. What is your fascination within these subjects that ultimately guides your creativity and ideas?

As an Asian female who grew up in China's largest immigrant city and nomadic with the world, I have been exploring the human sense of belonging, commonalities and the tension between Eastern and Western visual narratives that resonate and harmonize within the souls of the opposing sides of the world.

I'm seeking a surreal balance between the burgeoning of new media metaverse and traditional graphic culture, between the resonance of human souls and the regulations of the universe, between the definition of gender, and between various religious sentiments cultural.

SKINSEQ is my first art collection, and I'm looking to build the bridge between digital and physical, and connect with artists with different cultural backgrounds.

We can't wait to see SKINSEQ grow! Such a beautiful meaning behind it. Lastly, as an experienced artist focused in numerous mediums, do you have tips for emerging artists?

Step by step.

NFT is a platform for artwork. Not a shortcut for creativity.

Check out Suki's NFT series exclusively on Portion!

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