This week, Persian artist, producer, and icon TOHI will drop his first ever NFT collection, in collaboration with legendary artist Antoni Tudisco via, to celebrate his global community on the eve of Eid. The release features three unique pieces — TOHI Meditation, Eternal Love, and Eye on You.

2021 is shaping up to be the year TOHI breaks on the global scene with major international musical collaborations. The TOHI x Antoni Tudisco NFT drop on Portion — three unique 1:1 pieces auctioned for 24 hours only — is your chance to share in the journey.



Drops May 12 at 10AM PST / 1PM EST - 24 hour auction

TOHI’S MEDITATION is the first NFT of a 3-piece drop in collaboration with Antoni Tudisco. With this piece you will enter the creative world of Tohi, with many more surprises ahead.

Welcome to Tohi’s Meditation. Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. Close your eyes, let Tohi talk you through the nature’s beauty created by Antoni Tudisco. Let the words resonate and get yourself aligned with your inner self. Accomplish this understanding within yourself: ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’  خدایا مرسی

Asemane Aby آسمان آبی‌ (Blue sky)Daryaye Araam دریای آرام (Calm ocean)Navaazeshe Baad نوازش باد (Caressing wind)Raghse Parandeha رقص پرنده ها (Dancing birds)Avaaze Tabiyat آواز طبیعت (Nature’s music)Bolandiye Kooh بلندی کوه (mountain peak)Garmaye Khorshid گرمای خورشید  (Sun’s warmth) Khodaya Mercy خدایا مرسی (Thank you God)

Audio designed by Mathew Bento.


Drops May 13 at 10AM PST / 1PM EST - 24 hour auction

The second piece, ‘Eternal Love,’ is a moving gratitude to both wonders of the universe; A mother and the Mother Earth — “We are born of love; love is our mother.” They both are in their own terms the sustenance of existence and a pure Divine gift.

Audio designed by Mathew Bento.


Drops May 14 at 10AM PST / 1PM EST - 24 hour auction

The final TOHI x Antoni Tudisco NFT drop is ‘Eye On You’, and is built atop an exclusive preview of TOHI’s new single, his first ever international collaboration delivered in the English language — as part of his 2021 new EP.

Gain access to the seat of the soul and learn to open up your third eye, because Tohi will be coming soon with the Sixth Sense.

Music produced by duo Mathew Bento x Zeeko.

"The Greater Middle East region is a cradle full of silent talents and I believe that artists with a background from that region are making major strides to push forward the international creative industry. As with my overall career in the music industry, I believe in advancement of my craft and always striving to move ahead of the curve. I want to be part of the era of broader collaborations between the region’s very own future legends. I believe NFTs will be a strong funnel in which I can present and showcase my artistic works, while attracting a new wave of listeners who can relate with my artistic point of view. Such as the movement from physical CD sales to streaming service providers such as Spotify and Apple Music, NFTs too will be powerful shapers of many creative industries in the upcoming decade." -TOHI

About TOHI

TOHI is an all round award-winning multilingual singer/songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, with Persian roots. He has one the biggest social media presences (over 6M+ followers on Instagram alone) and he's currently working on bilingual collaborations with the likes of Rotimi, Mohammad Ramadan, Costi, Cheb Khaled, DJ Assad, T. Garcia and many more.

TOHI started as one of the youngest founding members of the Persian hiphop scene at only an age of 12. Due to the political situation and the ban on his music he had to leave the country ruled by conservative Islamic regime and lived a great deal of his professional career in multicultural environments with different musical influences. Today this is enhancing his work’s musicality and diversity, marking him as one of the leading figures fusing his Persian roots into the international urban music scene.

“As one of the founding members of the Persian hip hop and urban music scene I have always loved to work from the passion within me. As this path came to an end due to the circumstances in my homeland I could choose to leave it all behind. But instead, I choose to bring it to the next level and after a journey of almost 2 decades I am now on the edge to show the world my traditional roots and how they also can be part of the international urban music. My love for music, my homeland and the love of the TOHI army will always make me aim for the top on the international charts and nothing less than that.”

About Antoni Tudisco

Creative director & 3D visual artist Antoni Tudisco was born & raised in Hamburg, Germany where he grew up studying media management, web design, and development programming. As a fashion enthusiast, he has worked with top-tier brands Nike, Adidas, Versace, and Puma, and has launched his own brand TUDISCO STUDIO. His surreal and colorful style has been featured in Vogue, Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, and he has collaborated with major artists like Will Smith, Pop Smoke, Swae Lee, and Steve Aoki.


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