Photographic provocateur Tony Kelly’s iconic images pose strikingly seductive plays on powerhouse politics and celebrity culture enrobed in a kitschy, hyper-realistic aesthetic. His lustrous, kaleidoscopic images weave a visual narrative filled with neon pop surrealism that prominently populates his thought-provoking portfolio. As a cultural clairvoyant, Kelly’s formidable strength as a satirical storyteller is singular and it’s underscored by award-winning reams of rare and riotous releases.

Gravity-defying, glitter-flecked, and groundbreaking – welcome to the satirically, sunshine-drenched, palm tree-filled world of Tony Kelly.


Expanding his prolific creative output, this celebrated satirical sharpshooter will drop the very first limited edition NFT of its kind exclusively on Portion on April 12, 2022.

NFT Collection Dropping on Portion

The Ups and Downs of Bitcoin” is a boundary-breaking, programmatic NFT ticker charting the direction of digital gold. Kelly’s moving portrait of a phenomenon encapsulates a Utopian sky of endless, raining Bitcoins, demonstrating the liquidity fluctuations of the cryptocurrency through incredible instances of value when it rises, tumbling as it falls.

The ups of bitcoin

Fluent in the vitality of visual language, Kelly incorporates engaging artistic energy with a license to twist. A social commentary on how fragile emotions could be affected by the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Kelly's programmatic NFT may forever flow and fluctuate.

It’s no secret that a clamoring NFT fever has caught hold, consuming the chattering class with the allure of instant wealth. Eye-popping sums of money changing hands over NFTs have been hard to ignore. Global media remains consumed by the news of 12-year-old creators amassing millions while a “get rich quick" frenzy has filled the FOMO frontier. Tempted to empty pockets and plunge all we have into cryptocurrencies when the market is down, true blue believers pan the warm waters of digital gold in a rush to break the waves of hope and hype. Stakes are high on the roulette wheel of dreams.

The downs of bitcoin

The limited-edition collection will consist of 1 edition for each individual piece and is priced at ~3 ETH.

View a snippet of Tony Kelly's creative process and the true meaning behind this collection!

About Tony Kelly

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1975, Tony began his career as a photojournalist, capturing the burgeoning celebrity culture that sprung up in a city embracing a newfound wealth. His voracious appetite for blue skies and sun-drenched panoramas drew him to Barcelona where he embraced the "street voyeur" within. His quirky spin on daily life and cultural idiosyncrasies that surrounded him quickly became his distinctive signature style.

Today, Tony is based in Los Angeles; a destination that led him to work in locations as diverse as Rio De Janeiro, Africa and the Middle East. He now inhabits an environment that excites his artistic flow like none other. Although highly polished, his work is playfully subversive which forces you to stop and think, inviting us to venture beneath the glossy veneer and confront stereotypes, taboos and role reversals.

Check out Tony's NFT Collection Dropping Exclusively on Portion on 4.12 at 2PM EST.

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