Whether you prefer to meet up IRL or in the Metaverse, here's an evergreen list of all upcoming and ongoing Portion events...

Clubhouse | Weekly AMA on Wednesdays at 3PM ET!

β†’ Meet the Artists, hear updates from the Portion team, submit your questions for an AMA, share some musings, and maybe earn some $PRT too.

Hosted every week by Portion Ambassador, Jonny Caplan

The 21st Century Auction House for Rare, High-End NFT Art, Music, and Collectibles πŸ‘‘ portion.io @portionapp discord.gg/portion $PRT

Portion Museum in Decentraland | Ongoing Exhibit

Portion Museum: The Grand Opening in Decentraland
Portion, est 2016, debuts the grand opening of a museum in Decentraland’s Voltaire district. Featuring OG and emerging crypto artists with 7 floors of cutting-edge NFT artwork. Opening to the public this Friday.

Past Events:

β†’ Featuring Liana Finck, Tommy Siegel, Cal Kearns at Blue Gallery in Midtown East, NYC. Sponsored by Portion & The Patrick Dashwood Stories.

NYC Gallery Show | 8/21/21 | Liana Finck, Tommy Siegel, Cal Kearns | Sponsored by Portion
Portion is excited to sponsor a gallery show on August 21st, from 1-8PM, at the Blue Gallery in Midtown East, NYC. The show will feature a fantastic collection of art from Liana Finck, Tommy Siegel, and Cal Kearns.

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